Self-pleasuring techniques in Antiquity

Self-pleasuring techniques in Antiquity

Our ancestors were not so lucky to have Sex Shops, vibrators, anal beads and kinky costumes at every street corner. The limited resources, however, put their imagination to the test. They had to survive somehow in times of total abstinence. Or of unsatisfactory sex.

As for the ladies, they looked after their happiness on their own, using various primitive versions of these days’ dildo. The prehistoric phalluses were made of stone, wood or other materials easy to burnish to take the shape of a penis (for example, animal bones).

The oldest such “instrument”, reconstituted from 12 pieces of stone discovered in a cave in Germany, is about 30,000 years old. It has 20 centimeters (reasonable, according to us) with rings carved at one end. The signs visible on the surface suggest that the relic was also used to ignite fire (by hitting another object), so not just to quench the inner one. Kind of a “factotum”...

In addition to classical reproductions of the male genitalia, other “solutions” have been designed over time.

The famous Queen Cleopatra, portrayed by historians as a woman not chaste at all, consecrated an ingenious method of masturbation: in order to relieve her nights of solitude, she was inserting into her vagina long, penis-sized objects inside of which there were contained several bees. Their hum and chaotic movements caused vibrations and, implicitly, pleasure. Ingenious, right?

Some sources claim that the queen would have masturbated even with snakes, being killed by the bite of a viper used for that purpose.

Auto satisfaction was also extremely popular among the ancient Greeks who believed that in order to become pregnant, a woman must ejaculate along with her partner in bed, which only happened if she could claim sufficient experience under her belt. Constant training, even in the absence of her man, was therefore considered an extra point in favor of maternity.

A bit closer to our days, in the Victorian era, “self-pleasuring” was on the list of dirty practices, which is why women were not allowed to tacitly caress their intimate parts outside the “program” (when they were washing themselves).

Ladies in the high society were, however, allowed to call a doctor for a “pelvic massage” similar to masturbation. This was finalized by reaching “hysterical paroxysm” (known today as “orgasm”), which miraculously healed hysteria, a psychological affection that was bothering women with insomnia, nervousness, muscle spasms and breathing problems, symptoms treatable today at home with a simple functional vibrator. Or with lots of other erotic accessories, different in shape, texture, material, size, use and color. The privileges of modernity!