Women's fantasies

Women's fantasies

Among the numerous inhabitants of the planet, there is the preconception according to which young ladies have a more decent imagination compared to that of men. While male neurons create true erotic masterpieces that go beyond the audacious sex in public and the everlasting menage-a-trois, the gray matter of fair sex is limited only to mediocre fantasies (mostly cheesy scenarios similar to those of Latin American telenovelas). At least, these are the rumors...

Despite the generalization that states exactly the opposite, the lack of creativity (theoretical or practical), however does not represented an attribute of the “sensitive” gender. Nor in the daily life, nor in the night one. Because women are far from considering sex in the elevator, on the table or in the office as the most unusual intimate situation that they can access tacitly, even with a slight wave of perversity, discretely shaped on the delicate line of their facial features. The extreme activities typical of this field (the pleasure of group sex, the use of erotic toys or the cultivation of fetishes), smile in equal measure to both categories.

Individuals that live under the impression that their potential partners belong to an inexhaustible lot of saints, practitioners of the classic style in the bedroom, have only to lose, not knowing how to awaken their playful and courageous spirit. Understanding that they also are dreaming of all kinds of dirty stories, can help them become the direct beneficiaries of some dezinhibated treatments. Even when the temporary pair is an escort, knowing the fantasies that the (paid) “courtesans” enjoy, brings a plus of energy, satisfaction and mystery. And, of course, an increased confidence in proposing “strange” things in the sensual plan.

1.-Among rarely expressed desires of female souls, we find also the interaction with an inexperienced person, a clumsy and timid young man, having an urgent need to be initiated into the secrets of carnal love. In other words, the young and the less young women dream of playing the role of the mentor for the beginners in this realm of existence, of a position of power in the shadow of which they can exercise control, give orders and verdicts, whipping if the context requires it (figuratively and, why not, literally sometimes), an information quite useful to knights interested in entrusting their ”innocence” to the hands of a “master”, eager to reshape “fresh” characters and phallus.

2.-Another equally intense aspiration, refers to the possession of a sexual “slave”. Yes, it is true, the sensitive mothers, sisters, daughters, colleagues, girlfriends, mistresses and wives crave the dominating and “frightening” position in a relationship (even an ephemeral one). They want to be heard, honored, worshipped... yearn to have their plans and whims fulfilled, love to say the last word, usually in the form of a direct and demanding command. The pattern based on the combination “the man responsible for initiative, the woman responsible for execution” seems to be outdated and tasteless, a kind of retrograde agent of resignation, since they rely heavily on their ability to maintain “discipline” in bed.

Notice to the amateurs curious to experience the subordination, not only in the workplace, but also in their moments of relax. Those spent without trousers.

3.-The aggressiveness is also on the short list of seductive fantasies. Pretending a kidnapping, followed by a vigorous and unreserved simulacra of rape, makes the hearts and legs of those ladies who dream with wide open eyes. The thrill of action, the thought of involuntary possession, humiliation, the absence of free will, are exciting arguments, if the limits of a well-performed role play are respected.

Whoever thinks that “princesses” react exclusively to tenderness, songs under the balcony and acts of “coupling” between red rose petals, are very, very wrong. Otherwise, there were not so many beautiful girls in the “bad boys'“ arms. They also like toughness, as long as they consent to it, and the “attack” serves to reach the desired climax.

In other words, the note may be forced, but only by mutual agreement.

4.-Blinds left down, the fear for screams that cross the walls, the fear that moans are heard beyond the walls, the obsession of privacy, are at odds with the preferences of many sexually active people. Statistically proven, not all individuals reject the idea of exposure (at least not purely imaginative). In fact, the very predilection for public “romantic” gestures (common to most of the population) confirms the latent desire for public exteriorization.

Among some female characters, the desire reaches impressive proportions in the land of fantasies, but also of reality (with the right partner). Knowing this detail, fans of ”extreme sports” may incite the non-conformist ones to lover outdoor, by choosing not the crowded places (the deed breaches multiple rules), but those with greater possibilities of being discovered. Ultimately, it is precisely this risk of being caught in flagrante delicto that triggers adrenaline.

5.-Nicknames such as “honey”, “teddy bear”, “bunny” or “peach” verbalized (or expected) by them in privacy, suggest more than the cuteness and tenderness that surrounds those who are at their side, like “automatic things” to wrapp up reality into bright emotions. 

 The habit of exchanging affectionate words evidenced in a language specific to pampering, corresponds to a special kind of love fancies. In their framework, women project themselves from a certain period of their childhood, investing the male with parental authority, becoming dependent later of him and submissive... or vice-versa, determining him to return to a previous stage of development and be the person manipulated according to the supreme will of the “adult” of the couple.

Such ”escapes” from the erotic routine are always available thanks to the age games. And the innocent ones interested in testing for themselves the benefits that this brings with it, receive a consistent support in instigating their partners to a session of “childish” debauchery. There will not be many women to say “NO”.

6.-In addition to the classical stimuli that excite the beautiful “concubines”, there are also some seemingly doubtful impulses, such as the idea of ​​incest, which is exploited, of course, at the fictional level. Deeply impressed by several important family figures, they seek to somehow regain the past (and implicitly the presence of relatives in discussion) through pleasure. So they encourage their lovers to take the identity of those who have marked their childhood in a meaningful way, thereby trying to compensate “otherwise” for the failure (no one likes the perspective of incest, be it dissimulated), with conquered orgasms.

Men asked to play the role of cousins, uncles or aunts (why not?), should be able to understand that they have no reason to get impatient. The attachment to some of the members of the family (converted in secret passions) is apparently something very common to Eve's descendants.

There are many cases where such phenomena manifest also related to former teachers (admired or even imagined in secret as protagonists of somewhat more “dirty” situations).

* * *

Although they are not given enough credit, there are no limits to women's inventiveness. Once put to the test, they can prove that they have precious resources against boredom in matters of romance, crazy habits and freedom in ideas. However, the question is: are gentlemen able to face them?