Why do women cheat?

Why do women cheat?

Since there is the question on “why do men cheat?”, it would be natural to ask also “why do women cheat?”. Women’s infidelity is not a new phenomenon, it is just a newly developed topic, “brought out” by contemporary social liberalism.

Men are often said to cheat exclusively for sex, while women have more “profound” reasons: incompleteness, anxiety, revenge etc. There is also the crystallised concept of Eve’s descendents being sentient creatures, delicate, incapable to do evil, filled with affection and devotion, true wonders of nature, meant only to love till exhaustion... blah, blah, blah! Yet, what is behind these sweetened idealisations? Nothing more than a common human being (with all the qualities and defects related to the species concerned), except maybe for, compared to her male counterpart, the immeasurable predilection to “create” and maintain the appearances she cares about, at all costs.

So... concealed by a well “fabricated” discretion, one of the many reasons of female infidelity is rooted in the lack of communication. Those who don’t lose their voices talking a lot about everything, will definitely find an audience in various other circumstances or places. Then, starting with an ordinary exchange of opinions on the nothingness they do (graciously, of course) during their everyday life, they come quickly to love relationships and automatically, to their shortcomings. The occasional interlocutor, who generally has a developed sense of predator (for however, he is a man), will predict her frustrations and will come quickly to play the role of the “confident”, ready to listen to her as much as she wants him to, whenever, at any time of the day or night. These casual talks, sporadically pigmented with accusations directed to the beer drinker at home, who made a hole in the couch and truly loves only the remote, fascinate her, free her from her own conveniences… and soon she’ll feel that she is perfectly entitled to unleash the desires she kept secret for so long. And in most cases she will!

Women also need permanent confirmations that they (still) are sexy and wanted. And if their partners aren’t going to remind them regularly and convincingly of this, even after a long time together, there will be other “nice” gentlemen who will. In this case, they become extremely sensitive to sweet words from strangers, and temptation will make its way through thoughts (and not only...) much easier.

The most frequent reason of the “female side’s” decision to cheat on their “teammates” is considered to be revenge. When the “warrior princess” finds out amazed that she was surpassed sentimentally or simply sexually by “another one” (which most often “doesn’t even look good”), is suddenly overwhelmed by burning contradictory sensations, and the only available solution to “cool down” (which is also at her fingertips) is to offer to the “sinner” tit for tat. Other ladies, having a more vain nature, consider that an act like this will also let their partners know (as a bonus) how much it hurts to be the cheated one.

A woman can get to have an intimate affair only to feel again those thrills of relationship beginnings. It is very common that in a livelong “commitment” the passage of time brings with it the routine, and along with it the decrease of the passion which certainly will leave the fantasy without its most important coordinated: the vibration of the adulation. As a result, many women will consider (not always in an inspired way) that the act of infidelity will make the betrayed ones more careful and “forced” to pay them a more intense courtesy. In fact, the only thing they are going to get is destabilisation of the emotional bond, giving it a primitive and cynical character.

Cheating is also (in women’s minds) a “premeditated” and safe way to end a failing relationship, avoiding the horror of the never-ending sterile discussions. They really want to get caught, only to overpass the final moment without too much problems or explanations.

But before cheating, you should ponder, like Descartes! Not all possible scenarios have happy endings.