Why do men cheat?

Why do men cheat?

This question is so common and frequent among women that they end up obsessing about it. Even during the ordinary housekeeping, there are few who think feverishly about the idea of infidelity, based on the “lessons” learned from their favourites TV series or from the phantasmagorical revelations, resulted from the fortune-telling by soup or peas-reading.

However, it must be understood that reality is slightly different. Every man is quite different from what society promotes as a general standard and, naturally, he has his own way of managing his existence.

One of the main reasons a man strays is simply for being bored. Every long-term relationship loses its “sparkle” when routine gets installed or when she loses interest in her own image (which used to be attractive). Therefore, it is not surprising that the representatives of masculinity (an attribute which paradoxically women themselves really want at first) has more and more tendencies to look for other “skirts” also and flirting when opportunity arises. Of course, temptations from outside the couple are nothing less when it comes to the seduction game (is it always only about the fascination for the competition and winning it?). So, the man is facing a real dilemma, for he has a choice to do: a throwaway lady (i.e. clearly willing to have a little adventure without much emotional implications), fixed up and perhaps altered in some places (that’s right, it’s spectacular at first) or a life partner who permanently languishes on the couch in the middle of the house, watching who knows what over 3000 episodes series, irritated for having “gained” 5 kilograms (usually on the hips)... and extremely sad that no one loves her as before. “Tough decision”, philosophers would say!

Another possible explanation for men’s inconstancy is the area of their brain responsible for everything that has to do with the instinct of “reproduction” and which, surprisingly or not, is 3 times bigger than women’s. So, we cannot blame too harshly Adam’s descendants for their sexual addiction. Although sometimes they are regarded as really sick (or at least obsessed) for their manifestations consistently expressed in terms of desire to have sex, to satisfy certain fantasies or to experience new horizons in the realm of Eros, these “symptoms” are very much normal. Both physiologically and psychologically.

The stimulation of the great “Ego” is also a reason for men not being the best in terms of steadiness. In an important relationship, when the female partner gets nagging and everything that happens in the bedroom is boring for her, man starts to doubt his virility. This is how vulnerability to every kind of temptations comes around, temptations that might restore his confidence and guarantee that he is still able to meet “requests” specific to privacy.

In everyday life, we want adrenaline, we want to live intensely and (possibly) to the outer limits. In absence... we watch movies. However, there are individuals who don’t fall asleep in front of the TV and dare to play “dangerous”. Men are true enthusiasts of every kind of competition (especially if there is some stake), having on top of that some skills in disguising their emotionality. That is the ideal combination to succeed to hide both their remorse (if they happen to remember the partner who’s waiting for them home with a long list of rhetorical questions) and their triumph of “conquerors”.

Women who want tranquillity and happiness should first of all understand how men’s mind works and make a minimal effort to satisfy their brief needs and pleasures. Let’s imagine playing Sims. In order to overachieve in the game, we have to make the character happy, take care of him, fulfilling his wishes and accede successively to various difficulties levels. Likewise, the more you’ll make the man feel confident for receiving what he has always dreamed about, the more you will be pampered, appreciated and wanted, not to mention certain advantage of minimising the risk of being replaced by another pretender, more willing to make concessions.