Things less known about sex

Things less known about sex

The world has always been full of cultural habits organized around the idea of sex, habits that sometimes touched the absurd, sometimes, cruelty or only a very rudimentary imagination. And whether they had their origin in a series of strange traditions or represented the fruit of some obscure mentality, the ”pleasures” of people everywhere and from all ages have formed slowly, slowly, a vast ocean of curiosities, which may be at any time regarded as an unusual Charter of human excessive behaviors.

01.-Beyond the occasional ironic or mean comments, the transvestites of our days, still have a fairly easy life (at least in terms of the possibilities offered by plastic surgery, as a complement to the bodily “endowments” adequate to the lifestyle desired). In the nineteenth century, though, they were forced to make their breasts from soft pork meat, which they cut in such a way as to support them as much as possible in their credibility illusion. 

02.-The 21st century doctors believed that regular masturbation leads to penis increase. After only three centuries, the conception has been replaced with a new approach, by one of the most important sexologists of the time, Dr. Richard von Krafft-Ebing, who condemned vehemently this practice, concluding (as lousy as his predecessors) that it would be able to lead to bisexual behaviors. 

03.-In the 18th century, the obsession against masturbation was very active, and people protected on all possible ways from its dirty ”glamour”. Or they were protected by the ones who governed their existence! It is also the case of Great Britain, which at that time banned the import of French bidets on the grounds that... “urges men to buy their own pleasure”.

04.-In order to protect adolescents from the passion of self-satisfaction, in 1887, it was invented a kind of anti-masturbation device, fitted with a small mechanical buzzer which alarmed parents when their baby had an erection.

05.-No matter how blamed it would be when not accompanying a ”normal” sexual act, ejaculation (regardless of hypostasis) reduces the risk of developing health problems. The results of an Australian study in 2003, show that men who ejaculate more than five times a week in their youth are less likely to suffer from cancer in their adulthood.

06.-Submission to the official authority is usually demonstrated through obedience, honors and respect. For the Empress Wu Hu, during the Chinese Tang Dynasty, the traditional protocols were, however, insufficient. She declared herself satisfied, only when dignitaries who came to visit her, offered her bows and... a diplomat cunnilingus of high commitment.

07.-If Americans have invented casinos arranged in trucks, Asians electronic factories on ships, and Russians mini-brothels in vans with tinted windows, history reveals that such crazy ”gimmicks” did not necessarily belong to contemporaneity. Among the activities preferred by the nobility of the 17th century, there were the “pleasure craft” walks with the calash, made in group, walks which they transformed into true orgies on wheels, qualitatively improved by the swing going of the coach. It was, in fact, the secret ingredient that attracted them. And instead of tinted windows, they would probably used little curtains.

08.-Considered to be an intolerable sexual deviation, zoophilia does not appear on the list of qualities one might notice in a job interview or when he wants to find a partner with whom to share life, goods, and love. Even so, many people fall prey to this unusual tendency. A report on Americans' sexuality (developed in 1948), shows that 65% of the men established in rural areas, used to maintain sexual acts with animals from their household. Be it because of proximity, attachment, the time spent together or apathetic consent and without comment of the dumb beings?

09.- If one were to think of awarding the prize for the most original appraisal ever shown by a man to a favorite of his heart, he would surely go post-mortem to the gallant sultan (with Moroccan origins), Moulay Ismail who used to send to the ”weaknesses” from his harem, his own faeces. Suggestively, cheap and... ”distinguished”, isn't it?

10.-The appetite for dirty underwear is much older than the Japanese juke boxes offering already used panties at counter-cost, and along with them, multiple fetishes. A similar case, is indicated also by a psychologist’s records from the 19th century, who was making reference to a patient habit to steal items of underwear rom women and subsequently ordered them, beautifully, next to his cushion... before going to bed.

11.-Some studies correlate vices and fashion with the failures from the privacy of men. According to researches, tight pants increase the risk of impotence. And when they also walk in tandem with the popular adiction of tobacco, the results are... like a smoke!

12.-Women shall have the right, to the same extent as men, to free love, conditioned only by money. The owners of the brothel ”Yellow House”,which operated in Hamburg, in 1972, fully understood the mechanism of gender equality in the society, by setting up a house of “tolerance” exclusively for the beautiful sex. Clients were “generous” and numerous, and on the other hand, with the desire to provide erotic services as well. The notes of those times marked the fact that no less than 1,600 men stood on the spot in order to occupy a vacant post, published at the time of foundation, by ad.