Surprising things about sex

Surprising things about sex

Who says that the present is more revolutionary in terms of sex than the past, is very wrong and has to research more! Who says that the greatest horror in the industry could be love under water, in group, in the presence of the cat or the one lacking protection, he is wrong again, and he may try, once again, his fortune.

The past is full of sexual facts which today, would lead to media scandales, thrills on the spine or imprisonment for life. 

And the list is long, surprising and, sometimes, bizarre:

01.-The war is not possible without guns, soldiers, disputes and strategies. But nor without prostitutes. Even the Crusades prove it. In 1270, about 10,000 “professionals” had the sacred duty of accompanying and supporting the army in its mission for the freedom of “holy places”.

02.-Everyone ensures their survival as they can. This was also the dictum of the monks during the reign of Carol the Great (King of the Francs from 768 to 814), who, in order to gain an honest and additional money, practiced with much piousness the oldest profession in the world.

03.-In the Middle Ages, until the end of the 19th century, prostitutes were obliged to wear red clothing or even to paint their bodies in this “defining” color in order to differentiate them from honorable ladies and to assert with ”pride” that they belong to the social category of debauchery and immorality. 

04.-In the past, on Brazil's territory, there was prepared not only great coffee good to get awake in the morning, but also a so-called ”coffee of love” (the custom is still perpetuated nowadays, in certain regions more ”bold”). The recipe is simple: the coffee freshly prepared by the woman to her beloved one, must be filtered through her own... worn underwear. It is believed that the effect is an aphrodisiac one, even if the taste of the “liquor”, is a little more salty than usual. 

05.-Contemporary specialists also propose a variety of solutions to strengthen the ”guts” to those active sexually. No one takes, however, into account, the remedies used during the Ludovic XVIth, when the future married ones got bathed in manure in order to fortify their potency in their wedding night, but also in the days after. 

06.-Infidelity has known, over time, various penalties. In Ancient Rome, the penalty for those who had sexual relations with married woman (with other men, of course) was a very clever one. And efficient, perhaps. They were undressed in public and treated politely either with a radish tucked into their anus, either with a painful “date”... of depilation.

07.-In England of the Xth century, the situation was not at all pink for those who dared to cheat. Under the ruling of the king Edmund the 1st, unfaithful women were brought to the right path by cutting off their nose and ears, and their lovers, once exposed, were driven out permanently from the Kingdom. 

08.-Until the end of the 18th century, women who gave birth to twins were considered adulterers and treated as such in society: with many gossips and contempt! The reason was the incorrect belief that the man is not able to fertilize more than one ovum and consequently, two children at once, assumed the existence of two... different fathers (!).

09.-Seduction and the methods of excitation of the partner have varied in time and space. In the Middle Ages, one of the most popular tactics that women used to stimulate men was makeup (quite grim) applied to the genitals. Nowadays, a Brazilian-style inguinal epilation resolves thing more effectively.

10.-A relatively recent statistical study, indicates that the most difficult object to ”get out” from a vagina is a billiard ball. We wonder... how they come to this conclusion?

11.-In the Ancient Babylon, the proven lack of skills during the execution of a fellatio was severely punished. Women who, in hurry, ignorance or enthusiasm, injured a man's organ, risked losing their eyes. Literally!

12.-It is well-known that males are impressed by big breasts, curved bottom, full lips or mysterious voice. In Japanese culture, however, the sensual touch reaches all other dimensions. The limp, for example, which girls learn to practice with finesse and elegance, is a real weapon of seduction.

13.-Certain cultures discourage premarital sex and promote chastity before marriage. Maya people had a similar vision, only up to a certain point: men could not touch their women before marriage, but nor were they allowed to solve on their own their tensions, temptations or hormones, but benefited from sexual slaves they could use at their will, until they officially chose their partner. And for this reason, the marriages probably had quite a lot to expect...