Sex “instruments” necessary to any woman

Sex “instruments” necessary to any woman

If during the 1940s and 1950s, the instruments in the arsenal of self-respecting lady were the saucepan, ladle and cookbook, things have improved a little nowadays, and there are also recognized the needs of the woman, not just her obligation of being devoted to the house and to the man who brings income.

Now, more than in the past, the emphasis is placed on her sexual independence, and if someone dares to contradict this trend, there is immediately (at least) one feminist around ready to protest firmly and vehemently. A reality that everyone can win from, for the ladies enjoy a relatively complete freedom, while the gentlemen feel slightly relieved of the obligations and constraints of times in which protocols and “bon-ton” etiquettes were abundant. If it has to be non-conformism, let it be for everyone. Is this not what equality means?

In this context, representatives of the female gender are bombarded, besides kitchen robots, cleaning solutions and all sorts of performing household appliances, by a wide range of products addressed to the intimate side of life. Their selection and hierarchy are obviously made based on subjective criteria, but in a brief analysis of the “problem”, it might seem that both a beginner's and an expert's arsenal should not miss the following:

1.-Vibrator. A good friend in moments of loneliness and a trustworthy help during amorous acts occurring between at least two people, this device for creating thrills of happiness has no major usage restrictions. It fits perfectly even during encounters with a possible escort (a male or why not... a female one), its presence creating some kinky scenarios, designed to add a plus of sensuality to the affair (here, imagination can go wild without limits).

In other words, the vibrator proves its usefulness no matter the circumstances. And, according to studies, skilled women who own and regularly handle a penis on batteries, have a much higher libido and reach the climax quicker than those who aren’t fans of plastic.

That's why the small (or big - according to preferences, purpose and needs) artificial friend is indispensable in the bedroom.

2.-Lubricant. From the “small things make life beautiful” category, the lubricant successfully fulfills its mission of facilitating vicinity, comfort and ecstasy. It is some kind of cherry on top of the cake of delight, whose absence deprives the “overall picture”.

In the case of anal sex, its necessity becomes imperative. In other situations, the product improves interaction, completing the effect of the natural lubrication system.

Either way, ladies must always keep such a good “solution” at hand. Even if their “teammate” has all the strengths to make them cry out of ecstasy, to tremble and sweat, to forget their name or profession, and then start all over again, the lubricant helps him enormously in his attempts to overcome the orgasmic Everest.

3.-Sex toys. They come in different colors, shapes and sizes. They are targeting him, they are targeting her, they are targeting the couple, the group or the swingers. Offers are countless, satisfying all human needs. The sexual ones, obviously.

They spice up the atmosphere in intimacy and do not hurt the ego of a possible hired lover in his mission to bring orgasms on Earth.

Erotic toys flatter the sexuality of any person who does not shy away from using them (practice is the best proof to it and not theory).

4.-Textbooks and articles on sexuality. Although it sounds uninteresting, “textbooks” that group in an organized, documented and relevant way information about sex (sometimes even blogs too... like this one) help to find out perspectives otherwise neglected.

Knowledge means power, someone said long ago. In the current situation, knowledge means pleasure. It is not enough for the man to be an expert, well-known thanks to the screams provoked to eager women. Each has its own contribution to the success of the incendiary event. And the ignorance of one translates into a mediocre contribution, unbalancing the whole.

A book appreciated in the field, as well as subscriptions to specialized publications (printed/virtual), make a good team with personal experience accumulated over time. And they open the mind to new approaches, positions, ideas...

5.-Music. Just like there are partners of conversation, business or sex, sleeping, working or love affairs, there is also music for dancing, for annoying grumpy neighbors or for intimate “relaxation”.

Music stimulates appetite and shapes the proper atmosphere suitable for stripping off inhibitions and clothes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be slow, nostalgic, romantic or inspiring for cutting veins (because sad songs generally remind of the ex boyfriend), but as each person prefers, as they feel the need in the moment. Only some of them instantly activate on languorous tunes and lyrics that speak of immortal love. The rest are content with any rhythm on which words such as ass, tits, caress, erection (and others prone to censorship) appear at least once.

Taking into account the impact of mood on the quality of the intimate act and following the cause-effect type of relationship, it becomes obvious why music appears among the “utensils” useful in two (or why not... more).

So, sprinkling in the spare time a playlist that evokes naughtiness and “carrying” it in the phone or in other specific devices in order to be quickly accessed when needed, falls into the duties of any lady interested in the good of her own vagina.

6.-Underwear. The last, but not the least article in this indispensable “set” for creating erotic emotions, the intimate lingerie, responds to the woman's need to feel beautiful, to know that she is admired and desired, for silk, lace, sexy underwear or provocative stockings enrich the fantasies.

Whether out of pleasure or paid, a madness session increases in intensity along with the importance given to details. Quality is built, it does not happen on its own.

* * *

Above all of the “sex instruments necessary for any woman”, however, there is the ingredient not secret at all of complete honesty (with themselves or with... others), the basis of each relationship, including those of the commercial kind.