Sex in 20 “images”

Sex in 20 “images”

Sex, sex and again sex! Everyone talks about it, lucky individuals do it. How about if, suddenly, we started to multiply ourselves by cloning, without the possibility of the classic contact? Perhaps the number of suicides would double, the rate of depression would triple, and the favorite activity of mankind would become the drinking of alcohol or use of calming drugs. Government authorities would be questioned, corporations would go bankrupt, and chaos would be installed on Earth, disturbing the order (so frail anyway) of mankind. It would be a ceaseless nightmare.

Fortunately, the scenario goes beyond reality. We can breathe calmly, convinced that nobody and nothing will disturb the physical and emotional balance of the population. Only the insufficiently developed wallet often affects the erotic fulfillment of its possessors. It is known that the link between money and orgasm is stronger than incurable romantics are accustomed to believe.

We're in the shelter, then. Let us freely enjoy factually (and sometimes, why not theoretically) the marvels of this guilty pleasure. Here's what statistics say, on the subject:

1.-There are about 100 million sexual acts occurring daily in the world. Which does not help the unfortunate outsiders or the poor women who console themselves with the vibrator. With a little effort, however, next time they will also count. Heads up!

2.-A couple is mating about 103 times a year, with the (statistical) margin of the relative value/error. It would be interesting to find out how many times in a calendar year the members of the same couple are doing it with other people. And how do they manage not to get caught.

3.-The legend says that men are turning their minds to unclean things every 7 seconds. No, not for the lingerie they forget to change it, but for the “debauchery”. Judging from the dumbfounded smile displayed by the majority of them(all the time), one might conclude that the hypothesis has a pile of truth. A big one.

4.-In the hot moments, women sweat a little less than males, because they adjust better the amount of water lost. Now, be it between us, the situation is also due to the fact that males/the latter work on the broken ones, while the women/the previous roll over their eyes and grossly mimmick the satisfaction to a 90%.

5.-Also at the “toil and sweat” chapter, it seems that men “sweat” testosterone when they make love, thing which excites the representatives of the opposite sex to the superlative. So they also have a secret “weapon” in the endowment.

6.-The orgasm depends on the quality of the intimate act but also on temperature. The hotter the atmosphere, the more ecstasy is felt. Beware, however: the heat turned to the maximum does not compensate for the lack of prelude, nor does it annihilate the bad smelling breath.

7.-Researches show that prelude should last 20 minutes. Yes, maybe in the most beautiful dreams of the young, experienced and so very good. In fact, these will have to declare themselves contented if the partner does not finish the “job” (with the act of “mating” altogether) in less than 5 minutes from the debut. It's true... but 5 “superb” minutes.

8.-In half an hour of active love, protagonists can consume up to 200 calories. Ladies, make an account and estimate how many matches you need every day to reach the desired weight. Gentlemen, breathe deeply and get ready for the “cure”.

9.-Sex not only attenuates, but also heals headaches. Endorphins released during female orgasm act like ibuprofen. The run away from fooling around because of migraines and acute fatigue can in this case turn into the run away for fooling around due to migraines and acute fatigue. Especially because it does not require medical prescription or any recommended optimal dose.

10.-Lovemaking blesses men as well. It reduces the risk of heart disease by 30%, infarction by 50% and diabetes by 40%. So, lots of good health!

11.-80% of ladies and girls say they reach the “absolute” by oral stimulation. What should all males learn from here? They have the task to train their tongue well and to give up blowing their feathers because of their own... erotic achievements.

12.-Though they are no longer as desired as before, at the time of the glory of their troubled youth, the seniors claim they can still do it. 73% of the “youngsters” in their early or late 70’s, have the impression that they are doing phenomenally in their privacy. Not to mention, what the source of their secret is. Determination or... Viagra?

13.-An older publication indicates that 70% of Americans dreamed of having sex in the group. Statistics seems credible if we start from the premise that it dates back to the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt. So, referring to the present, things are as follows: “70% of Americans are used to having sex in the group.”

14.-Masturbation is among the passions of the soul of many people. 90% of the testicles posessors and 65% of the ovary possessors proudly admit that they reach/touch themselves in intimate areas out of selfish reasons. The conclusion? They do very well, provided that “self-love” does not replace the “love” of the fellow.

15.-By legal means, women can claim impotence to break away from their husbands. In 26 of the American states, the motivation in this case is taken into consideration.

16.-The precursor of nowaday's vibrator was invented in the nineteenth century and used as an anti-hysteria tool among ladies in the high society (and not only). Perhaps it would not be bad to return to its use for therapeutic purposes.

17.-In the first three months of its launch, Viagra has earned more than $ 400 million in profits. Misleading statistics for the producers, alarming for women forced to accept that without incentives, many Don Juans are simply boys finishing quickly. In the fortunate situations... when they can start as well.

18.-The contraceptives are not a product of modern society. Various substances destined to avoid unwanted pregnancies have been used for a long time. Around 1850 BC active women prepared a bizarre blend of honey and crocodile excrement, introducing it into the vagina thereafter. Ingenuous method, although the proximity to the places where crocodiles had their siesta...

19.-The wigs made of pubic hair used wreck havoc at about the 1400s. They served escorts in particular, to mask diseases such as syphilis. Not to mention the aesthetic “cosmeticizing” brought to the intimate perimeter. Strange tastes...

20.-The proteins in the sperm composition have an astringent action on the skin. The one who wants to save the money thrown on moisturizing creams or masks can thus use this wonderful anti-aging natural remedy. All that is needed is the existence of the valid penis nearby.