Little secrets about sex

Little secrets about sex

Practiced by one, two or as a group, sex represents that captivating part of life without which few (unlucky, unaware or simply capricious ones) choose to live. For those who, however, want it, they experience and enjoy with pleasure its blessings, the following little "secrets" can be a real help, especially in understanding those favorable or favoring details, specific to the pre-act itself.


1.-High heels influences the sexual life. High heels, whether belonging to a category of sexy shoes or very provocative boots, they have a great role in the sexual life and in the chance of a women to "taste" a little bit of action, both in the direction of increasing their attractiveness (a young lady wearing such shoes and mini skirt will always give the gentlemen heart beats stronger than one in bouffant coverall, sweater on the neck and orthopedic shoes or boots), but also due to the fact that wearing the "uplifting" styled shoes, improves the pelvis muscles and indirectly promotes the ability to reach orgasm faster and more intensely.


2.-Sex and money... The old hypothesis since ever, according to which wealthy men may be lacking charm, beauty, intelligence or humor, but not sex, seems to be more than the explanatory remark of those who put the celibacy on the unfortunate lack of money. The experience of a great number of multimillionaires individuals (more than 70% of the total of the people questioned in the research), who claim that financial strength helps them enjoy frequent and high quality sex parties, is an eloquent proof that the revenue significantly contributes to a decent life. Including sexually.  


3.-The benefits of feminine masturbation. Often regarded as a pathetic attempt to compensate for the lack of "love" in two, the feminine masturbation (regularly) brings the benefits for the moment, limited to the time dedicated to its experience and, at the same time, favors achieving orgasm when privacy is shared with a partner (other than the vibrator, named usually after an irresistible and muscular movie star or the fascinating colleague at work, idolized better than a heterosexual demigod).  


4.-Stimulating breasts. For some women, achieving orgasm is like a "Triangle of Bermuda", in which all the efforts invested disappear without a trace and without a suitable result; a mystery untied from time to time, and in part, only after assiduous struggle, detailed preludes  or persistence of some men eager to receive pleasure, but, most of all, to offer it. A subject of which it is impossible to know enough. From this cycle entitled "news about women and their orgasms", is also part the idea that stimulating breasts is, sometimes, sufficient for the purpose of reaching the long wanted sexual climax, as a glass of icy water in a scorching day (by stimulating being understood, of course, a process a little bit more complex than the simple touch of the area and possibly accompanied, by two, three kisses applied on the nipples). 


5.-Do not neglect prelude. Women prefer to be properly "maintained" before the time itself of penetration, when men tend to reduce the prelude to a couple of rudimentary "maneuvers" to stimulate the libido. However, the success of the sexual act shall not be accounted only for his satisfaction, but also for hers. So that the need of young ladies to be "thoroughly" caressed must not be ignored at all, at least as it is known that the feminine body is more sensitive to the touch than that of gentlemen’s. And partners willing to reserve their time to take advantage of this "weakness", will benefit in equal measure with their lucky pairs.  


6.-Sex at the third age. Despite the bleak visions which warns that, after retirement, people dedicate themselves to gardening, raising grandchildren or to other activities involving wearing colored shorts and hats (recommended of straw), not having any contact any longer with the sexual "follies" intensely practiced in the "youth", studies show that most couples over 65 years, have sex at least once a week. Promising news, therefore, for those who considered the transition to the third age to be equivalent to an erotic decline more frightening than a horror movie.


7.-Coffee and sex. In addition to the other benefits already known, the morning coffee consumption appears to have aphrodisiac effects (a series of scientific studies reveal it). Thus it becomes, for many of us, explainable why the not so handsome boss or the colleague with her skirt up to the ground and extreme diopters, get often an oddly tempting look, instigating to thoughts and cravings of the most "unusual".


8.-Tourist destination for oral sex. The collective mentality assigns to each country a sexual stereotype more or less tributary to reality. About Italians and Spaniards it is said, for instance, that they are the best lovers. About French ones, that they have a romantic behavior with their partners (or with others’ ones). The Northerners stand out from the crowd as being, by far, the more firm men, calculated and loyal on the entire surface of the Earth. In this context, "the prize" for the "incontestable followers of oral sex" comes to (according to a global Durex survey) Australians, which seem to be defined for this purpose as unequalled performers (information with great utility potential for tourists interested in kangaroos, Koala or cunnilingus or fellatios made with sense of responsibility and passion).