Frequent “lies” about sex

Frequent “lies” about sex

Probably the most debated subject of humanity, having been an issue long before global warming and economic problems, sex is associated with many myths. Some of these have been there for centuries while others have a more recent provenance, demonstrating that the mirage of “imaging” passing all bounds never fades away.

Each of the peoples boast with its own views about love, or at least that was until recently. Nowadays, globalization makes any crazy (intriguing) idea to gain enough followers to seem credible and to set in comfortably on the intercultural minds (“lips”) of the majority.

Even escort lovers (masculine or feminine) fall into the trap of the myths that influence their choices. Here are some of the generalizations the truthfulness of which is doubtful (questionable), “legends” that should be abandoned urgently, as they only bring confusion and disappointment.


1.-“Good looking persons” have remarkable performances in bed. Many support the conviction that a physically attractive person “functions” sexually in a superior way to others. Nothing wronger than that! It is only a perception stimulated by “forms”, in the sense of activating one’s own fantasies. More specifically, people imagine what they themselves would do with that person, but they do not have the slightest vague certitude that the counterpart will respond to their efforts. So, your opinion is just about personal “impetus”, not about the real capabilities of the seductive character.

Does it say somewhere that the aesthetic elite of the human species finds itself on a superior level of erotic abilities? No, it does not. For there is no rule stating that any presentable guy or any Barbie-like girl (absurd and unbelievable beauty ideal) performs divinely.

The good-looking persons are, as well, sometimes (at least) mediocre. Boosted muscles or bulging buttocks, sportsmen abdomen with squares resulted from trained muscles or silicone breasts are not the immutable guarantee of “quality” in the bedroom. There are other things that betray the skill in bed. And most of these are discovered after... and not before the great event.

Those who wish to choose a gigolo (or its equivalent to the ovaries) depending on aspect, need to think twice before going for this temptation. As important as the appearance are the recommendations of other customers (clients) alike, the fare, the availability to address some “special” techniques, the voice perceived on the phone, etc. A voice that makes one think of a cartoon character or one of the parents might indicate a not-too proper option (especially for those who do not try to test Freud's theories on their own skin).


2.-“Everyone has an intimate life better than mine”. Less myth and more frequent lamenting per capita, the impression that even the unemployed neighbor, a rather plump and unfit individual, growing bald already and wearing a shirt that is forever stained with ketchup, is more satisfied from a sexual point of view, are all the vogue/cut a dash among tormented souls.

Friends who boast with three sex parties a night, self-proclaimed girl-friends of super-talented, super-potent and super-rich men, workplace adventures, and the ostensibly displayed status on Facebook, do not prove that the entire population on Earth is bathed in perpetual erotic happiness. It does not mean either that people are non-stop lovers, while a handful of unhappy people are crying for their mercy in abstinence and loneliness.

In fact, such comparisons are not even worthwhile, so buying sensual services for demonstration purposes (on the principle of “I'm not inferior to others and I will show it penetrating or letting myself penetrated by foreign organs”) it is as if someone would go to work for the sake of the boss only.

Although the mentioning is missing from the psychology treaties, the relationship with a lady/male companion must have an intrinsic motivation. It goes beyond petty things such as clipped bangs “because it’s trendy” or the decision to buy shares at the Stock Exchange just because “the rest of the world does it”. No one has any reason to live intimately in relation to the achievements or failures of others.


3.-Infidelity means lack (absence) of love. Love movies, pension theories, idyllic aspirations, and the pretense of some for monogamy to triumph forever, make the concept of love a very deserted and desolate one. I mean, I invest the idea of ​​an “official partnership” of absolute value, and as a consequence, I forbid them to fool themselves with others. Individually or “all together”.

In the collective mind, traitors are attributed uncontrollable motions or a series of serious problems at the chapter “I will love you until death will separate us/tear us apart”. The stereotype says that infidelity is inversely proportional to the intensity of love. The one who loves a lot sees to one’s job. The one who loves precariously and with interruptions, jumps onto the first one having come to present the infinite. The one [i.e. infinite] from his pants or from under the skirt, of course...

Following the thread of classical thinking, the poor ones who are fleeing their eyes for deer or antelopes, must feel guilty that they dream of... something else. They are not allowed to walk into any kind of brothel, since they wake up the next day with their luggage at the door. They are refused the flirting, city outings, or corny parties when the activities in question are to be fulfilled and with the “support” of others. Only the formal pair has the right to the privileged treatment of orgasms.

Well, scientific truth reveals something entirely different. Naturally, people feel the need to go through multiple beds and enjoy more diverse experiences throughout their lives. No matter how much love would lie in their warm heart. Despite the sympathetic declarations of fidelity, nobody likes the prospect of endlessly shaking off the universe of the same partnership. The attraction manifests itself independently of feelings.

If he or she is dreaming to get along with paid professionals, although they are already engaged in a stable couple, justice is in their favor. It is not the case, therefore, to self-condemn themselves or to condemn their half/soul-mate for the boldness of “jumping” (at least from time to time) beyond the fence, but rather to reevaluate his/her own perspective in relation to the meaning of the idea of freedom in two.


4.-Quantity ranks first in privacy/intimacy. Another commonplace “custom” very popular with the people says that repetition is the key to supreme success and that sex can never be “too much”. Quantity is debated upon with pathos, while the quality is undeservedly passed on to the second level.

What is omitted in the speeches of glorifying the frequency of physical contacts is that without quality, the quantity is null. It is in vain that a woman “resorts” each evening to a lover (a different one, of course) if the “final explosion” is missing completely every time. In vain does a male acquire, three times a week, sexy and provocative vamps, if he lacks satisfaction deep inside his heart. Everyone wants sex daily (if they could have it...), forgetting that the depth of satisfaction surpasses the abundance of attempts at getting it.

Preferably little and sublime than much and annoying. This is to write down on a notebook (or mobile phone): Set your priorities correctly before going to escorts. Discard limiting prejudices that linger over the horizon. Favor your personal intuition to the detriment of others’ opinion. Forge some personal “truths”.