Does size matter?

Does size matter?

Bank accounts, the number of sexual adventures, horsepower and the size of the genitals are crucial aspects of life, of which men on the planet are never completely satisfied. In addition to these there are, of course, the secondary ones, differentiated by age, norms and status: moving from the parents’ home, the beginning of the belly or baldness, training the skills of player on the computer, or the sink in the bathroom. 

But only the first ones persistently disturb the males, determining them to exaggerate their nuances, to omit, to juggle half-truths or to hide certainties. Not all the time, but only in circumstances of utmost necessity (translation: when they want to impress their potential partner with what they possess in their pockets, but also in their trousers, when their buddies interrogate them systematically with regard to their past relations).

Of all, the most stringent concern grows around the penis’ size, this (personal) “wealth”, towards which men feel a natural fascination, from the first years of their existence. The fascination can degenerate, sometimes, into obsession. But not one that should be treated with therapy or drugs (although dramas, often, happen), but a relatively harmless one, focused on the question “I wonder if my cock is sufficiently visible?” and the need for permanent self-validation of their own “endowment” comparing it to that of others (father and/or brothers in the childhood; friends studied randomly at the gym, showers or toilet, later). 

The “fixation” of one’s own penis is natural only up to a certain point; and the point is defined by that mental barrier which self-discontentedness places it, sometimes, between the possessor and his ability to enjoy a “normal” sex life. 

Unfortunately, the feeling that the own “endowment” is at least pathetic and insignificant, can prevent many from performing properly in the bedroom... or at least performing.

Some of those who complain day and night of their natural “endowment”, are involuntarily trapped, remaining, at times, stuck to the idea that they have a problem like no one before has ever had. The possibility that the problem in question becomes real is great (the classic example of “self-fulfilling prophecies”). And if the individuals in question also have the “chance” to meet a little refined lady between the sheets, which bursts out laughing when they are completely naked (before a potential erotic episode), failure is guaranteed (because... about Mr. Erect, mothers and favorite football, rugby or basketball teams, you should never joke).

Just as they wear different sizes of shoes, they have a bigger or smaller nose, longer or shorter fingers, and various heights, male representatives also differ even from the point of view of centimeters (inches) hidden in their trousers. This is not a calamity, nor a reason for self-pity or envy, but a simple fact which reflect in negligible quantities on their own existence or the quality of the sexual act itself.

In order for their tormented souls to regain peace, it is good that men should be made aware that, according to the most recent studies, the average penis size (in erectile condition) is not 16.5 cm (6.49 in), as it has been believed (long and unfairly) so far, but 14.9 cm (5.86 in). In fact, what sits between 12.9 cm (5.07 in) and 15 cm (5.90 in) seems to indicate the average size of men, and the scientific studies carried out in Great Britain and the United States confirm this assertion.

Variations are natural and significant... sometimes. According to the official measurements (made on a sample of 300 subjects, by the Masters and Johnson researchers), a flaccid phallus measures between 8.5 cm (3.34 in) and 10.5 cm (4.13 in), the average being placed, as a consequence, to 9.5 cm (3.74 in)! On the other hand, the most non-erect “endowed” penis measures 14 cm (5.51 in) and it belongs to an individual whose height is 1.70 m (5.57 ft), while at the opposite pole is a “little one” of only 6 cm (2.36 in), held, however, by a man of 1.80 m (5.90 ft) height.

Even in the case of official “investigations”, carried out on ”materials of study” in non-active state, the result is purely indicative and can be affected by certain temporary factors, such as, for example, the ambient temperature or even the state of mind of the “subjects”. Self-measurement is even less credible since everyone has their own way of self-evaluating their “arsenal”.

The preconceived ideas that attribute to height, race, ethnicity or other individual characteristics the merit of giving clear clues about “masculinity”, are not confirmed by specialists. Perhaps there are more chances that black people have, as it was generally accredited, a remarkable length of penis, but it is not a generally valid rule that Caucasian individuals always occupy the last place, reason for which they can breathe relieved (and, along with them, the partners concerned), whereas the supremacy of the tallest ones or of the Afro-Americans, in matters of centimeters/inches, is only a myth. A popular myth, certainly, but not based on concrete evidence.

No matter how much importance is attached to this topic, no matter how convincing the saying “size matters”, no matter how good the above-average specimens are, or how unhappy the others, having a “trophy” that requires custom trousers, should not occupy a prominent place on the list of dreams, ideals and aspirations of men. And the reasons are elementary:

•Some of the women disapprove the philosophy “huge penis = guaranteed satisfaction”, or even they feel intimidated, fearful or horrified by the perspective of an over endowed partner, ready to attack the well-being and the integrity of their small and sensitive vagina. While it may seem like a childish attitude, they prefer to stay away from any kind of male genital “threat” that may arise, by simply looking at marvels that exceed 20-25 cm (7.87-9.84 in) only in the adult movies. The fears are, however, unjustified, as the vagina, which measures approximately 7.5 cm (2.95 in), reaches 10 cm (3.93 in) when it is in a state of excitement. And the surprises do not end here! In times of need, “the abyss of pleasure” can change its depth even with 200%, the gradual penetration having this adaptive magnification effect on it. On the other hand, women who are concerned with compatibility expressed in figures, seem to be concerned more in thickness than in length.

•Erection equalizes penises. It is not a naive dream of individuals absorbed by the question of “(in)sufficiency”, but a fact proved scientifically. Professionals specialized in this subject have discovered that a conventional penis, called “small” or “medium”, increases by 100% in the presence of sexual stimuli (as naked bodies, “hot” messages or provocative images), unlike an already impressive “competitor”, which only increases by 75%. Hence the inevitable conclusion that before death, sex and bureaucracy... we are all equal.

•The illusions sold by advertising that promise to increase the penis in a dizzying pace are just... dizzying (most of them). The options that the market usually offers to those who want more, refers to plasters and pills, specific exercises, vacuum suction pumps, extension devices or surgical procedures that may have various complications. Of these, professionals do not give a chance to pills and exercises supposed to add “weight” or “brightness” to the organ, they look with pseudo-acceptance to the pumps and extending devices (“mechanism” which, however, should be used daily for a certain number of hours), and they consider the surgery as a “double-edged sword”: the risks involved do not justify a possible positive result. In addition, the great minds in the industry, also invoke the bad experience   of those who have recourse to a scalpel, then regretting their decision (a study that dates from 2006 shows that 70% of the British beneficiaries of such “aesthetic” interventions, have expressed their discontent with regard to the “final product” and its functioning). 

Notice to amateurs: none of these external or invasive measures can be used without prior expert advice! Only the doctor can show the possible existence of a real problem or, on the contrary, only inferiority complexes based on... nothing.