Diferences between women and men...

Diferences between women and men...

Women are said to be fragile, verbose and traffic disasters. Men are said to be insensitive bragging and unfaithful. Some of the assigned characteristics correspond to reality, while others are just a result of oversimplification. Prejudices hunt the human mind more than an internet virus. But in reality, each of the sexes is characterized by a series of specific features, which ultimately makes relationship so exciting.

Until recently, the story about “girls” and “boys” differences was told orally, in the form of simple clichés or stereotypes. Nowadays, science aims to shed light on this. It’s about time someone clarified this. How much longer could we have resisted without knowing “how equal” the two sides are?

Adam’s descendants are really born with more brain drain and Eve’s descendants with a special emotional sensitivity? Are men really prone to betray often, while the ladies do it rarely and with sorrow in their hearts? Only one of them loves escapades (men) and the “rest” (women) strongly resists the need of exploration?

As you can see, lots of trouble for the curious of this planet.

Specialists, however, support as always, the idea of objective truth and identify the following characteristics:

1.-Men estimate correctly the interlocutors’ sizes based on their voices. It is unknown to what extend this skill has helped them during the course of their evolution (probably estimating the power of the rowdy enemies, hidden in the bushes), but nowadays, its convenience is undeniable (especially for potentially amorous contacts). If they concentrate a little bit (even after a simple phone call), males can “guess” who they are dealing with and immediately decide the “reliability” of any intimate encounter. All they have to do is to get their abilities out working. Provided they know about them.

2.-Men have a better space orientation. In the series “science people prove obvious facts” we can also find the well-known observation that penis owners operate better in three-dimensional plane (when it comes to approximations), a skill that also facilitates the famous space orientation. For this reason, mocking the lost ladies or those who won’t go out without their maps, GPS and consistent encouragement, show a malicious... spirit of strife.

3.-Women are better at locating objects. Fortunately for them and for surviving in the urban jungle, the ladies have an extraordinary memory of the details. They guide themselves by the landmarks, don’t forget where they put their car in the underground parking (if they manage to find... the parking) or which of their lovers they strategically placed their underwear at, somewhere under the bed. Along with the pink plush coated handcuffs and the mysterious Venetian mask, of course.

4.-Women worry more. Because they only produce half of the amount of serotonin secreted by the representatives of the “tough” sex (known for the serenity they have going through life), it is common for the nice ladies to worry more. On the other side, this kind of panic helps at the early detection of dangers and thus developing complex defense strategies. For example, anticipating a possible unsuccessful love affair makes the single ladies stay away from the “unpromising” guys and display ostentatiously their unavailability, flirting with the others or simply adopting a clearly defiant attitude. Although... again, even with this, it’s like there are too much exceptions.

5.-Women notice colors better than men. Actually, the correct statement would be: women notice colors. Except for white, black and a few other main colors components, the male gender has major flaws in this area. If they hear names such as: ebony, burgundy, fuchsia or lilac, they feel like these are subtle ironies towards them and prepare themselves to answer accordingly. The exceptions are, of course, the designers and those working in arts.

6.-Men endure better sleep deprivation. Without an adequate “dose” of rest, the weak sex loses concentration, mood and patience. Gentlemen, instead, prove to be more resistant. Evidence of this is provided by nocturnal marathons watching porn or private parties with... themselves.

7.-Who is better at managing multiple tasks? On the ability of simultaneously perform various activities (completely different), studies are divided, proclaiming successful one side and then another. To everyone’s satisfaction, the scientific conclusion seems to restore a relative balance. Both “species” manage honorably distributive attention, losing gradually and equally their talents, as they get older. There you go, nature can also be “fair”.

8.-Men identify unfaithful partners more easily... But they also tend to see everywhere signs of love betrayal. Researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University say that (way too) many of the “suspicious” men detect infidelity in their partners’ gestures and behavior, even when they are completely missing and the “incriminated” ladies are, actually, completely innocent. So, their “radar” has some serious functioning problems, resulting (unfortunately) in an endless and irritating series of pathological manifestations (jealousy). For the ladies are not the only ones making scenes or hysterical crises, men also do, when their pride is hurt. Most of the times, without having any real and concrete motivation at all...

9.-What about intelligence? Until recently, experts’ opinion was that size does matter, and as the owners of a more “prominent” brain, men surpass their opponents in cleverness, deserving thus the first place, which anyway they have already claimed (and of course awarded) ostantatiously throughout history. But the new wave of research reveals that, as in the case of bedroom, size is overestimated and intelligence only depends on the neural connections. Conclusion? The IQ goes beyond what’s hidden in the pants.

10.-Women live more than men. According to the information published by Centers for Disease Control, females live about 5,3 years more than males. This could be due to the immune system endowed with a superior ability to fight against dangerous diseases. However, today the differences seem to be starting to fade gradually, thereby settling existential scores.