Curiosities about sex (for all)

Curiosities about sex (for all)

Like any other human-specific feature, sexual behavior is also submitted to involuntary mechanisms that can be adjusted according to personal goals as long as they do not go beyond their own area of ​​understanding or what generally defines “normality”.

For example, if chocolate excites, the addiction to TV has the opposite effect; if meditation helps ladies get incendiary orgasms, appreciations help gentlemen excel in bed; if men dream that they take their partners to the ninth cloud, women egotistically dream to be satisfied. The “rules” of sexual functioning are many, complex and are not taught at school together with physics or biology. Although deciphering them would certainly contribute to a better management of the situations of amorous nature in which someone may be involved at some point.

Because information must never be ignored, neglected or underestimated, but dissected, digested, and strategically used, here are some of the backstage “secrets” specific to both sexes:

1.-Much too often (unsatisfied) women leave the opportunity to have orgasm to the mercy of circumstances, male patience, to Mars' position to the sun, to the carbohydrates consumed at breakfast or to an unjustified optimism, fed by the principle of “positive thinking can move even mountains out of their place”. The blessed science informs us that the ladies' ability to surprise with their own senses the maximum intensity of the erotic act is dependent on certain periodic actions that they can undertake, among which there is also meditation. By becoming a habit, meditation can improve the woman's ability to excite herself and to be carried on the highest peaks of sexual ecstasy.

2.-The idea that “size matters” is so famous, “exhaustive” and resonant, that many males are really frightened by the fact that their dimensions do not meet the expectations of the female partners, which (supposedly) are dreaming of an “exhibit” as long and thick as possible. It seems that 56% of men are tortured by the thought of their male “insufficiency”, wanting extra centimeters to bring them the maximum mark in the “endowments” category. And a significant part of them also transfers their frustrations to the bedroom, performing according to what they think of themselves. That is why the encouragement, the praise or the joy of the woman who exclaims without suggesting (between the lines) the contrary, that she is extremely pleased with the sight seen after the removal of the clothes, increases the self-confidence of the man and, implicitly, the quality of his love performance.

3.-Is there a man for whom sexual dysfunctions are the favorite subject of conversation or the easiest “existential drama” that he faces when he finally has a girlfriend available to be loved in all sorts and all possible positions? The answer is certainly not. Despite that, reality seems to be a little bleaker than in adult film scenarios, where sex lasts as long as a sports match, the penis is like a smaller Eiffel Tower and the orgasms come one after another, like creamy and succulent cakes in an automated sweets factory. Unlike porn characters, real people do not make sex for hours, they do not have boobs and phalluses of impressive sizes and they do not live without experiencing difficulties that can only be solved with goodwill, therapy, sports, scalp or medication. Into the category of “inconveniences” that require specialized medical treatment or just a high self-esteem, also fall the erectile problems, with 31% of men admitting that they fail to get an erection and 34% find it difficult to maintain it.

4.-Who thinks that cellulite, excess work or a low level of estrogen or testosterone are the only ones responsible for diminishing libido, may be interested in finding out sexual desire can be influenced by the presence of the banal and apparently harmless TV set in the “conjugal” room. With the increasing addiction to on TV, the mood for making sex decreases. Research claims that couples who have not equipped their bedroom with this technological wonder constantly perfected, reserve 50% more time and energy to engage in intimate activities based on foreplay, climax and triumphant ending with exclamations such as “Oh, baby was so good!”. The living room is therefore an infinitely better option for placing the beloved source of information and fun.

5.-As in any other aspect of sexual life, and when it comes to fantasies, men are considered the black sheep in the couple (or outside of it). Only they dream of “monstrous” orgies, animal behaviors, desperate sex acts and wild onomatopoeia. Women are limiting themselves to amorphous sex, objectified through predictable and tame positions, along with a single companion of fun, their only “sin” being seeing themselves loved by the most controversial politician of the moment, by some overrated dandy star or by their high school math teacher (willing to punish with an ass spanking any wrong solution to equations with two unknowns). The dreamlike timidity of the ladies and the masculine excesses manifested in the same manner however form a cliché inadequate to reality. The disinhibitions allowed by our subconscious in the land of dreams are the same for men and women, both genders knowing the temptation to practice, at an imaginary level, what in reality is considered “forbidden”, “degrading” or “unthinkable”. A “subtle” difference, however, exists between the erotic fantasies of the two sexes, demonstrating, on one hand, the need for validation of masculinity and, on the other, a feminine egoism without limits: studies state that while the profoundly altruistic men emphasize their partner’s satisfaction, women are interested, in their dreams, exclusively in their own pleasure.

6.-Intense and prolonged eye contact increases sexual attraction. Here's a good tip for the shy guy who wants to captivate his female partner in business, for the man who intends to divert his girlfriend's attention from him coming late at home to his sudden erection or to the woman who has tried it all to get into a relationship (not with those semi-insistent looks with a high eyebrow and fluttering of genes), but without success. In order to have the desired effect, however, it is necessary to use all the weapons of seduction that someone possesses in their personal luggage with knowledge and erotically alluring skills, since confronting the other's eyes (which, managed “unprofessionally”, can easily turn into an image taken from a cheesy thriller or from a clinical interview in a psychiatric context) has its limits and shortcomings.

7.-Each country is known for its minuses and pluses, some real, others derived from a series of urban myths taken without a grain of salt. From statistics on how comfortable their inhabitants are, to theories debating their potency, romance, or intimate skills, information on certain “national” characteristics, these are reasons to be proud or, on the contrary, cast a dark shadow on the collective image of Americans, French, Poles, etc. The “least skilled lovers” title goes to the Germans, not by default, but based on studies and “measurements”. The reason could be the substantial incompatibility between their organizational character pushed to the extreme (for which the Germans are so famous) and the less “mechanized” side of their private life, centered on the bedroom and occupations hosted by it.

8.-In the case of women, the need or disposition to have intimate relationships is sometimes more accentuated after a small dessert made up of good mood and chocolate, as revealed by the affirmations of women who love cocoa, sugar and sex (the composition of chocolate stimulates the hypothalamus and middies serotonin levels in a positive manner). The relationship of dependence between the two “consumption” behaviors may be useful to gentlemen who are concerned about supplementing their happy occasions when they receive tender gestures from their partners, and not only the promise of an unparalleled future sex session. And supplementing the occasions implies (obviously!) supplementing the stock of delicious, sweet or bitter taste products.