Curiosities about sex

Curiosities about sex

Sex awakens the interest of any mature individual who is not a self-proclaimed asexual, abstinent or international guru, with the wall covered with diplomas and distinctions in this field.

Fortunately, information about eroticism is not secret. The “teachings” about the most enjoyable human “need” are available to anyone, helping the ignorant or the curious ones to complete their overall image with the missing pieces or novelties of the most unusual.

For those interested, here are some examples:


1.-The theory says that after an intimate episode, for men, sleep is ideal. For women, conversations, warm hugs or their metamorphosis into awe-inspiring objects for the freshly satisfied partners. In reality, however, some lovers prefer to allocate the moments that follow a hot round of amour, to their own laptops or smart phones, checking their Facebook and Twitter accounts or frantically sending text messages to their acquaintances. And the percentage of those who declared that they engage in such individual activities amounts somewhere to 36% of all those included in a scientific study on this topic. In other words, the dependence on “technology” sometimes defeats even post-coital romanticism or the comfort that follows it (that of the “traditional” staring at the ceiling or of the eternal cigarette).


2.-Breasts represent an important part of the well-functioning of contemporary society (based on them, relations are founded, jobs are obtained, songs are composed, products are promoted and, obviously, newborns are fed). Often, men's weakness for this prominent area of ​​the female body is attributed to the general superficiality that representatives of the “strong” sex instantly access when they choose a partner desirable to their heart and personal “trousers”. Although they are always blamed for this, being harshly accused of chasing the packaging to the detriment of the content, the affinity of gentlemen for candidates with appealing looks and generous forms is due to the subconscious associations that they make between this image and fertility. Researches validate the functioning of the same mechanism also when it comes to the universal power of attraction that the irresistible breasts exert, no matter the time, place or season. Let's not condemn the gentlemen, then! Genetics is to blame once again!


3.-The simplest way to orgasm is the one where all senses are involved, without neglect and discrimination. Studies show that, when the man is on top, like an unbeatable gladiator who has the control of the entire action, the woman's senses are attenuated and, implicitly, climax becomes more difficult to reach. Of course, this information is not meant to abolish, from the start, any position in which the Alpha male “dominates” his partner... quite the contrary, it assures that, when women are “at height”, the satisfaction of opportunity provides real chances to experience a plenary, authentic and pleasurable orgasm. To the happiness of both partners!


4.-Sexual “training” is among the many dieting ideas of some “specialists” who believe that exercising in the bedroom is (apparently) ideal for losing weight or maintaining the silhouette around an idolized number of kilograms. No matter how simplistic this approach might seem to be, it cannot be said that it is 100% devoid of a real basis, as research says that 30 minutes of sex burn about 85 calories. However, in order to turn classical love into an optimal way of body maintenance, it is obviously necessary to have multiple, intense and long-lasting acts that target both, the ultimate pleasure and the right combination of numbers on the scale.


5.-Although it is not an invention of modern society, oral sex, sometimes blamed and considered a practice contrary to the natural course of things, along with other so-called erotic “abnormalities” such as anal sex, sex with someone of the same gender, sex in public places, with the light on, in atypical positions, at the first hour in the morning, on an empty stomach and... the list can go on forever (since the stereotypes about the right and wrong “procedures” in terms of carnal love are numerous, defined and subordinated, usually, to some archaic or religious views that are quite rigid). However, the findings in the animal world contradict the hypothesis that the “oral” indicates a flagrant deviation from the frequently invoked “natural order” specific to both humans and animals, and one of the relevant examples is provided by the case of bats, that are extremely passionate about practicing this specific form of “perversity”.


6.-During orgasm, the woman's body experiences a wide range of sensations and chemical reactions, being stimulated around 30 different brain areas, including those related to emotions, memory or tactile centers. Therefore, climax produces a genuine “internal” explosion, dominated by ecstasy and pleasure. And the really interesting part is that once the desired climax is reached, the brain’s regions associated with anxiety are inhibited, becoming suddenly... nonfunctional or inactive. Which, in general, means that orgasm annihilates fears, anguish or anxiety.


7.-Among the many positive effects that intimate relationships guarantee, which go far beyond the simple “obligatory” stress relief of the body, reflecting also on the physical, mental and emotional state of health, there is also the protection against migraines. Those migraines that many women invoke strategically when they want to avoid an unwanted erotic episode. Paradoxically or not (and to the joy of men), experts assimilate the regular sessions of physical interaction with the perfect antidote against headaches. So, instead of reasons such as “this evening... NO, because my headache is killing me and, besides that, my favorite show is just being broadcasted on TV”, migraines can become a real incentive for having an intense and engaging sexual activity (although it would be preferable not to reach such medical problems, so that the members of a couple to invoke the need for conscientious, frequent and high quality sex).


8.-Everyone likes to receive a generous portion of massage, but not everyone is willing to offer it. Many times, the younger or older ladies demand such romantic treatments, ignoring the fact that the receiver is not the only one to benefit from the enjoyed spoiling, but also the partner who is offering it. The reason? According to scientific research, it has been proven that the fingertips are the most sensitive part of the skin that, when put into work while performing the maneuvers specific to a massage, can help to increase the level of excitation and to enter into that “hot” mood, preliminary to the sexual act. So... if you are not in the mood, you can try to offer your partner a “rubbing treat” session.