About sex

About sex

Sex wakes up an extraordinary interest to any mature individual, who does not define himself/herself asexual, abstinent or any international guru, with a wall full of diplomas and awards in the field. Consequently, there is felt the need for as many information in this respect, both to meet the simple curiosity typical to humans, as well as for living the “adventure” generated by the subject (by those interested in), as far as relevant, “relieving” and of course, with full knowledge of the facts. 

Fortunately, the “disclosures” about love are not secret as well as the assumed alien visits, and sources of documentation in this respect, are within everyone's reach, helping beginners or those less experienced to fulfill their overview image of missing “parts”:

1.-What do people after... The theory says that after sex, for men, sleep is the ideal thing, and for women talks, warm hugs or their metamorphosis into objects of veneration of their partners freshly satisfied. The truth, however, is that some of the “subjects” (both women and men), prefer to allocate the minutes that follow the round of hot love, to their laptops or smartphones equipped to verify their accounts on various social networking sites or to frantically send messages to close friends. And the percentage of those who have declared that they undertake in such individual activities, raise to about. 36% of the questioned sample. In other words, the dependence on “technology” wins sometimes, even the postcoital romance or the coziness after ... the one of the “traditional” looking at the ceiling or of the cigar concerned.

2.-The attraction of breasts. Breasts are an important part for the good progress of contemporary society (based on them relationships are formed, jobs are obtained, songs are made up, products are being promoting and, of course, they feed babies). Many times, men's weakness for this prominent area of the feminine body, is put to the general superficiality which the representatives of the “strong” gender accesses instantly at the moment in which they choose a partner desirable by their heart or personal “trousers”. Although they are always faced with their back against the wall, being harshly criticized for the prevailing “hunting” of the package at the expense of the content, the chemistry of gentlemen for the candidates with good looks and generous forms, seems to have its roots not necessarily in a frivolous freedom, but in the subconscious associations (involuntarily ), that they make between picture and fertility. Researches validate the same mechanism also when it comes to a matter of the universal power of attraction, which the irresistible breasts exert no matter the time, place, or season. Therefore, genetics is to blame... this time also!

3.-Positions and female orgasm. The simplest way to an orgasm is that in which all senses are involved, without negligence and discrimination. Studies reveal the fact that, in the moments when the man is standing on top like an unbeatable gladiator which holds the entire control of the action, woman's senses are easily attenuated and by default, the orgasm becomes relatively more difficult to reach. Of course, the finding is not meant in dissolving, from the start, any position by which the Alpha male “dominates” his partner, but on the contrary, his posture provides exactly the security required to the certainty that once she also reached the “height” (alternately), chances of experimenting a complete, genuine and delightful orgasm, to increase dramatically and... “dizzily”. For the happiness of both partners.

4.-The diet... by sex. The sexual “exercise” is among the multiple recipes for losing weight of some “experts” in the opinion of whom sport in the bedroom is ideal for the loss of weight or for maintaining the silhouette on the waterline in the ideal number of kilograms. No matter how simplistic the approach may seem, it cannot be said that this is 100% lacking a real basis, whereas researches have revealed that 30 minutes of sex, burn approximately 85 calories. To convert, however, the classic love in a great body-care way, it is obvious the need of several parties (regular, intense and long-lasting), aiming the final satisfaction, as well as the optimal combination of figures on the balance.

5.-Oral sex is not a perversion. Even if it is not an invention of the modern society, oral sex is still being blamed sometimes (at least in certain areas of the planet), being regarded as a practice that is contrary to the natural sweetness of things, along with other so-called “abnormalities” as the anal sex , the sex with someone of the same gender, sex in public places, with the light on, in atypical positions and... the list may continue indefinitely, whereas clichés about correct or incorrect “procedures” in matters of bodily love are numerous, straight and subordinated to a rule, some traditionalist views fairly rigid. At least in the case of oral sex, though, discoveries of animal world, firmly contradict the hypothesis according to which “habits” of this kind reflect a deviant “indisposition” from frequency invoked by the “natural order” (applicable to both people, as well as to dumb beings), and one of the relevant arguments in this respect, is supplied eloquently by the example bats, extremely passionate in practicing this form specific to love interactions.

6.-The orgasm, the natural “cure” against fear. During orgasm, woman's body experiments a wide range of feelings and chemical reactions, stimulating about 30 different areas of the brain, including those related to the excitement, satisfaction, memory or tactile centers. The orgasm produces, therefore, a true inner “explosion”, dominated by ecstasy and pleasure. And the really interesting part is that, once with the attainment of the long-wanted climax, the brain regions associated with the fear become inoperable or inactive. What, in general terms, it means that the orgasm attenuates much the negative influence of fears and anxiety inhibitors.

7.-The “migraine” can no longer be an excuse for it. Among the multiple positive effects which guarantee sex and that go beyond the simple “mandatory” stress elimination function of the organism, reflecting on the health of physical, mental and emotional state, it is also counted the protection against migraines. Against those headaches that many young ladies strategically invoke, when they want to avoid the erotic episode, for a totally different episode, found, though, at a great distance from the male imagination and needs, in endless series of soap operas or programs intended for romantic and “sensitive” souls (feminine, of course). Paradoxically or not, the experts assimilate regular love parties, with the perfect antidote against headaches. So that, out of the reason (more or less real) not to “do it tonight, because I feel my head explodes and, in addition, it is just beginning to the TV….. (you fill out the dotted lines)”, migraines may become a real impetus for an alive and exhilarating sexual life (although it would be preferable not to arrive at such medical problems for the members of a couple to carefully practice often, intense and quality sex). 

8.-The aphrodisiac... massage! Everyone loves to receive a generous portion of massage, but not all are willing to give some. Many times, women require such romantic treatment, ignoring that not only they are those that benefit from the enjoyed pampering, but also the partner who makes it. Why? It has been shown that the tips of the fingers are the most sensitive part of the skin which, if put to “work” during the execution of a massage maneuvers, it may contribute to an increase in the levels of excitement and implicitly the entry in that “special” mood, previous the sexual act.