A few statistics

A few statistics

Considering the overwhelming benefit that sex brings in the life of everyone, it is a pity that some interesting information related to it to remain unknown by its permanent or casual "followers"... 

For this reason, here are a few less known statistical data:

01.-It is said that the women are so good in dissimulating orgasm, that not even  the man whom "the show" is dedicated directly, doesn't realize that he is the victim of her deliberately  hyperbolized exclamations or artificial screams. And the myth seems not to be only a myth, being confirmed by statistics. In this respect, 92% of women recognize that they faked the orgasm at least once in their "career" of conscientious lovers.

02.-The dissimulation of the orgasm helps to lose weight more than that real emotion can do, that instinctive, intense and plenary one. While the real orgasm consumes only 112 calories, a carefully "staged" one goes to the "wasting" of more than 315 calories. In other words, a well-played "end", also serves the self-esteem of the man and woman’s intention to preserve her silhouette. 

03.-The toothpaste, toothbrush and French kiss protect against dental problems. No, it is not a mistake slipped in the statement. The kiss really prevents the occurrence of caries (this is a scientifically proved fact, which constitutes an indisputable motivation in addition to practice on a regular basis this form of manifestation of affectivity and hormonal needs).

04.-Various are the sexual positions which a couple can approach in intimacy. Some of them are specific also to animals or even "inspired" from their mating interactions. In the whole range of variations and tricks, there is however, a position uniquely human, because only descendants of Adam and Eve can reproduce when they become "close": sex face to face (standing). Maybe it should be patented!

05.-Nowadays, without generous breasts, bare thighs, full lips and diaphanous smile, a young lady could hardly pass as "attractive" or "promising" to the male requirements. But standards of beauty have not been always the same. For example, staining the teeth in black, would be totally disgraceful today, unable to capture nor the attention of one with serious ophthalmology problems, with an impressive concentration of alcohol in blood or claims absolutely pathetic from the opposite sex. In the nineteenth century, however, the practice was an abundant one among Japanese, who appealed with obstinacy to the trick of teeth painted in the color of the abyss, in order to attract as many admirers.

06.-Except for the feminists convinced and the people deeply conservative, for the remaining carriers of XX chromosomes, the idea of hairy groin is 100% incompatible with that of a woman. Men are, however, rarely affected by this "disease" of removal of the hair. Only 16% of them "suffer" for their intimate appearance, unlike women, which inguinally depilate in a proportion of 95 %. 

07.-Also other mammals besides humans practice homosexuality: no parades, anti-discrimination conventions and flags, obviously. Among the fierce followers of "sex" with same-sex partners, there are also the bats, they knowing, in fact, the highest rate of homosexuality among vertebrate species which give birth to living babies.

08.-In the early 20s, jazz music was indirectly placed in the same category with aphrodisiacs and alcohol, being suspected to stimulate sexual disinhibitions, and, as a consequence, the behaviors specific to promiscuity. To the idea of "protecting" melomaniac ones, vulnerable to their own wicked impulses, jazz has been prohibited in many areas of the world or subjected to strict rules of interpretation, listening becoming, thus, a sort of revolutionary activism.  

09.-After marriage, it is assumed that the newlyweds do everything in two: the shopping, the grill on Sunday, the relaxation in front of TV, the conspiracy against the mother-in-law and, in particular, the activities which affect their intimacy. Nevertheless, statistics show that less than one-third of the couples who stood in front of the altar, shower together. 

10.-It is well-known that long term relationships have their challenges in terms of maintaining a satisfying and refreshing love life: monotony, decreased appetite for spontaneous sex, losing their interest for the other one, the dishes unwashed in the kitchen or a sensual and free of obligations blond neighbor moving in. But, of all of the problems encountered, the greatest enemy of eroticism is... the worries of each day.

11.-Women are dreaming of potent men, wide chins, blue eyes, shaped biceps, humor and manners, financial safety, love stories, unselfish spirit. Men of someone who looks good and to selectively nagging them... maybe even at all (although they are practical and understand that may not require the absolute). Nevertheless, between the ideal portrait of each partner and the real one, there may be major differences. And studies show that the features of the half-soul, are not to be found by far in the characteristics of the person someone may decide to choose as a partner, in the real life, in order to blow away the loneliness. 

12.-Old habits die hard" says an old saying. And the lack of voluntary habits, based on intrinsic motivation and pleasure, can be hardly countered at some point. For this reason, the individuals who did not excessively liked the sex in their youth, after the age of 50 years, will surrender in perpetuating this practice, which in any case, did not excite their interest, nor even at the age of teenage.