30 amazing things about the human body.

30 amazing things about the human body.

1.-A first surprising fact is that the body can survive without a considerable percentage of internal organs. The stomach, spleen, 75% of the liver, 80% of the intestines, one of the kidneys or lungs and any of the organs from the pelvic or inguinal area. Of course, the condition of a person without a stomach, kidney or lung isn’t particularly satisfactory, but an eventual absence doesn’t make survival impossible. Still, “perform” along these lines is by no means desirable nor is an Olympic aspiration.

2.-The last sense to disappear when someone dies is hearing, and the first one is… eyesight. Also responsible for many male “victims” blatantly insisting on women’s cleavage or buttocks.

3.-Human DNS has 80.000 genes. Multiply by 100 and you’ll get the right value of the ideal male wanted by the ultra ambitious ladies.
4.-Fingerprints are unique, as are tongue prints. Could it just be a matter of time until we are able to unlock our smartphones by licking their display?

5.-The biggest cell in our body is the egg, and the smallest is the spermatozoon. It looks like nature too discriminates on grounds of gender. This time favouring women.

6.-The hardest bone is the jaw, the strongest muscle... tongue. Bottom line? Men exercise their biceps and triceps at the gym for nothing if they don’t understand that, at least sometimes, the taste organ is more successful.

7.-The femur is stronger than concrete. The same category classifies women’s brain activity when they want something.

8.-During the day, intervertebral discs “compress” under the pressure of your own body weight and while sleeping they go back into place. That is why in the morning people are 1 cm taller than at night. No... other dimensions are not modified!

9.-Women’s heart beats faster than men’s. This changes radically when he realises, for example, that he is about to be caught in bed with a mistress. Something that, sooner or later, will happen, for ladies have a keen sense of smell about men (literally... even though the context is metaphorical) and don’t miss a thing. Ever!

10.-A child has more bones comparing to an adult (350). Not because the latter would lose them gambling or some other shady places, but because growing up some of these join together and at maturity they end up amounting only... 206.

11.-After death, the brain continues to transmit signals as electrical impulses for 37 more hours. Almost a day and a half. Just like energy stays in various appliances after being unplugged.

12.-Reducing by 10% the amount of water in the body leads to the death of the thirsty person. For some, the absence of alcohol in similar proportions has about the same effect.

13.-Biblical myth of Samson, the legend of the strong Hercules or the fantastic stories that created Superman aren’t so far from the truth, since the human being, the common one, prone to diseases, depression and uninspired bank rates, could lift by his own approx. 25 tones. That’s only if he’d flex his 600 muscles simultaneously and in a single direction.

14.-5 times more information than existing in the entire encyclopaedia, this is how much human brain can store. Of course, for the gentlemen, over 90% of the knowledge would be stored exclusively in graphical form: hot pictorials or XXX videos.

15.-The human being “contains” enough potassium to blow a toy cannon; enough sugar to fill up a jar; enough fat to produce seven pieces of soap; enough iron to make a 3 cm (1.181 inch.) nail; enough sulphur to disinfest a dog; enough phosphorus to create 250 matches and... looking over history, enough unconsciousness to make, over and over again, the same mistakes.

16.-On average, a person eats 50 tons of food, drinks about 50.000 litters of liquids and spends 6 years of his life dreaming with his eyes open. Closed eyes, the number is tripled, according to unofficial statistics.

17.-In 30 minutes, human body releases enough energy to heat a litre of water. If the equation includes erotic “prelude” also, then surely time is reduces significantly.

18.-Human teeth are almost as hard as a rock. Unfortunately for some owners and “spectators” sometimes they even look like this...

19.-Since testicles produce 10 million of spermatozoons every day, a single male could repopulate the entire planet in only 6 months. Providing that he has someone to do that with. Fascinating “mission”, isn’t it?

20.-Human bone is almost as strong as granite. Any segment of the skeleton can bear the pressure of more than 9 tones. Of course, do not try this at home. Or any other places!

21.-Ladies who read erotic literature, engage in sexual acts twice more often than those who reject this kind of “enlightenment”. Their partners should therefore encourage their thirst of knowledge...

22.-More than 100.000 km (62.137,12 mil.) blood vessels run through a person’s body. One single person’s. Yes, your read that right.

23.-During a normal orgasm, about 112 calories are burnt. During a fake one... 315. So, those who have a spouse with a gorgeous body, aren’t quite enviable.

24.-Human beings are the only animals capable of drawing a straight line. Some of them...

25.-Sneezing with your eyes open is quite an utopia. It’s not possible! As for the speed, the blast of this kind of “exteriorisation” exceeds 160 km (99.41)/hour. Don’t worry, any speed excess isn’t punishable by law... anywhere.

26.-Every individual has a distinct odour. But twins smell the same. It’s sad when they dress the same way too, although they are about to retire.

27.-Teeth begin to grow 6 months before birth. They begin to fall permanently well before death.

28.-Tickeling only works when spontaneous and performed by somebody else. Being aware by the time and place of the “application”, man cannot tickle himself. There is no reason to worry. There are plenty of other situations where self-satisfaction can be positively performed.

29.-Untouched by the blazer, a man’s beard could reach 9 meters (29.52 ft.). The same distance ladies would keep from such curious attempts.

30.-A human being’s head stays conscious about 15-20 minutes after being beheaded. Situation in which the question “Where’s my head?” makes perfect sense.