Why do men need a mistress?

Why do men need a mistress?

It is very interesting to grasp the rhetoric of women who are wondering rather outrageously why men need mistresses, as if the latter were a particular alien species landed on Earth in order to destroy their peacefulness and marital happiness while their partners (men), unconsciously rallying to the destructive goals of those intruders without realizing in what intergalactic trap they are attracted to. In fact, the mistresses are as earthly as those who pose the respective questions (having the same needs, pleasures and desires).

And yet, why do men have mistresses? If we were to paraphrase the slogan of a slightly feminist advertisement... that is because it is worth it! Why do men need escorts? Because they probably miss “something”, yet, moreover, because they can afford it.

These are, in short, the questions and answers (rather dry ones) that ceaselessly grind and upset day by day the minds and the existence of numerous representatives of the “sensitive” sex (particularly with regard to infidelity).

In an attempt of a “wider” approach of the subject, perhaps most often, men seek “in the outside” the fulfillment of desires or needs that remain unmet within their own amorous surrounding. They look particularly for what(something) they do not have and they would like to have. For a man, a woman who offers purely body pleasures means primarily sex without obligations, without complacency, without artificially imposed patterns, without the need to obsessively repeat over and over again the three magic words: beautiful, skinny and smart. In other words, no trouble at all/no headaches! It's pure sex. And why not admit it, all that is pure is perfect!

If the society we live in was a less hypocritical one, it would not draw emphatic lines of conduct (the rationale of which has never been fully confirmed so far), it should be said that women themselves do not embody, either, an immaculate immoral profile. They do have lovers too, younger, more beautiful, stronger, more potent, more resistant, more passionate than the one who awaits them home at the end of the day, tired and bored. True to say that, the man who receives money in exchange for sexual services and total discretion is one of the pleasures and utmost delight of the modern woman. And the aspect in discussion does not raise so many existential questions and frustrations in the male camp. It seems that gentlemen are much more honest in getting along with their own shortcomings.

Last but not least, there is also the situation whereby men get whatever they may want at home, especially from a sexual point of view, yet still... they continue to look for something else. And why would that be? Simply because that's human nature. Terrible plain, straightforward truth, isn’t it?