What you should know before marriage?

What you should know before marriage?

People will start asking you about children immediately after the wedding. Maybe they will start with allusions even during the wedding party. Some will be more subtle, others more direct. The idea is to overlook their little indiscretions and to see your own joy.

Disagreements before the wedding will not magically disappear. Disagreements will not be resolved once with signing the marriage papers or wearing the wedding ring. The good thing is that once you have done this step, you will have enough time to work together in order to alleviate all problems appeared, old and new ones.

Husband will complain about your family. If you've married a good man, you should not worry. Sure, he will complain from time to time about your parents and it is normal to be like that. You must understand that for him, they still represent some people who have entered into his personal life with you altogether (“at package”), although when he said he wanted you beside him for life, he did not take into consideration also the parents-in-law.

You will have to discuss also about money. Living together also involves the management of money conjointly. Financial decisions are no longer taken separately, but communicating, analyzing and planning together. Otherwise, you will encounter unpleasant “battles”, which ultimately may lead including to breakups.

You will argue minor things that before you wouldn’t even care. Any newly married couple will cross, during the first months of marriage, a transition period when the two will try to accommodate each other, to accept and understand their customs, habits or each one’s quirks. Many of these will not be pleasant to the one or to the other. Hence also the discussions that will arise out of nowhere sometimes. The good news is that they will pass by fastly... and the reconciliation takes place, generally, in bed! At least at first.

Perhaps you will drink more alcohol than before. And not because you will be unhappy, but because according to statistics, men consume more alcohol than their partners. Therefore also married women will tend to drink more often than the single ones, given the influence of their husbands.

You will discover things you did not know about your husband... And some of them will downright leave you thinking, wondering apart: “Who is really the guy I thought to be my husband?” Well, this is it... not all the surprises of discovering your “soulmate” are pleasant. This is also one of the serious reasons why psychologists recommend a “test” period of living together, before making the important step of marriage.

You will spend more often your free time in the company of other couples. It's normal. But also remember your friends and girlfriends who do not have partners. If you go out with them from time to time, there is nothing wrong or unusual with that.

If you do not want to change your surname... You will have 1001 questions: “Don’t you change your name?”, “Why”, “You do not follow the tradition?”, “Did you think about your kids who will have a different surname than yours?”, “Are you really committed to this marriage?”. Pretty stressful, isn’t it?

High days will become a burden. In a perfect world, families come together during holidays. But now, although you have founded your own family, you will have to satisfy both your parents, and those of your husband. Any high day, at least till you get used to effectively manage your time, it will become an unbearable burden.