Sex toys

Sex toys

From attitudes like “Why should I need extra help in the bedroom? My wonderful talent does all the work!” to unrelenting curiosities generated by the mirage of introducing “surprise-elements” into the amorous routine, sex toys are met with suspicions and reserve or with enthusiasm and open arms, some people being their declared hardcore fans, while others hardcore critics.

The decision to use or reject such products belongs to each individual or couple on their own. Intimate space must be considered in personal terms and not subjected to a pattern favored by the majority. It is true that, in the current context, the barriers between conventional and unconventional are becoming more and vaguer, the patterns more irrelevant and the inhibitions less pronounced than in the past. The world is starting to disavow the rigidity and lack of sense of a dull sexual life, driven out of obligation, necessity or inertia. People want spices, salt, pepper, adrenaline, endless satisfaction and guaranteed orgasms. And sex toys are launching a series of unprecedented challenges, impossible to experience in other ways.

Although it is erroneously considered that erotic accessories are only fit for gay couples and people dedicated to a circumstantial or self-imposed celibacy, who unfortunately must rely on themselves, the truth is that they meet the needs of everyone who loves improvisations.

Of course, when used in the couple, their purchase and integration into the usual amorous repertoire must be discussed in advance, agreed upon and not imposed through insistence, hysteria, force, emotional blackmail or persuasion techniques specific to commercial agents paid by commission sale. Nobody likes to be fooled with the subtlety of a professional in persuasion and manipulation. Everything must be openly done and based on consent.

No matter how “emancipated” they may be in other aspects of their life, some people will feel awkward, strange or out of place in a context favorable to such experiments, fearing for the “safety” and “wellness” of their intimate parts. Others, on the contrary, jubilee at the thought of the infinite possibilities of sensual indulgence provided by the respective props, imagining themselves already stimulated by who knows what inventive way, based on batteries, rubber and special flavors. Everyone has their limits that have to be tested and then respected (because the stake is not selfish satisfaction, but the contentment of all those involved in this novel activity).

As for the type of toys, they come in a variety of shapes, dimensions, colors, purposes and ways of operation, which can be represented by objects that tickle and vibrate or products that are introduced into the anus or vagina (not that the penis and fingers might not be skillful enough), but the alternatives can pleasantly surprise just as well!

Commercial offer on the market includes the “classical” vibrators and dildos, anal beads, cock rings, vibrating underwear and more. There are also a number of special accessories tailored to the specific non-conformist dominance and submission eroticism (BDSM): hand and leg cuffs, whips, cravats, masks, collars, ropes and not only. The list is not endless, but it certainly has a few good, surprising and captivating pages of products suited for all tastes.

If the models are varied, the purpose is also flexible, serving the need to enhance the pleasure and to create a playful, challenging, relaxing atmosphere to bring a bit of color where the relationship intimacy has become gray or to taste “something else” in terms of love practices.

Regardless of the momentary enthusiasm, the use of toys should be done with care and, possibly, not before reading the usage instructions found on the packaging, even in the situations where they seem easy to handle due to having an intuitive way of functioning.

Inappropriate use of these “perverse” accessories can turn pleasure into a bitter story for protagonists when they do not pay attention to the following aspects:

-they do not check the product before the big sex “premiere” in order to identify possible unexpected “surprises”;

-they do not use the right lubricants (indications of compatibility are usually mentioned in the “prospect” afferent to the toy): for example, silicone-based lubricants are not a good match for silicone objects, damaging them over time from a qualitative perspective;

-they commonly “share” the toy without protected themselves from potential sexually transmitted infections, which the simple cleaning of the product (with water and soap) cannot keep away;

-they introduce the toy into their anus, redirecting it then to the oral cavity or vagina, without using the condom or without sufficiently cleaning the object - a situation that allows bacteria to spread and, implicitly, the appearance of some intestinal or urinary tract infections (in the case of women);

-they do not stop and change tactic when they feel pain, hiding their own momentary discomfort from their partner - a thing often encountered either due to lack of practice, excess zeal or poor use of the respective accessory.

Cleaning is also an important part of the product maintenance process, which is obviously differentiated according to the material from which it is manufactured.

For example, silicone and stainless-steel objects can be sanitized with water and anti-bacterial solution, using a dishwasher or boiled (depending on the time recommendations specified on the packaging and only after the electronic components have been removed from the ensemble). For those made of glass and hard plastic, the combination of water + soap works wonders.

Rubber toys require increased attention because they may have in their composition certain chemical substances harmful to our health. This is why they should always be used with a condom (which also protects against sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy - yes, they can also occur while negligently handling erotic accessories in the couple).

Dildos and other vinyl objects can be washed with delicacy and some lukewarm water, nylon handbags and toys can be put into the washing machine or hand-washed with anti-bacterial soap, leather items with a soap-soaked cloth or a special solution for cleaning this material (without wetting them). After cleaning, leather can be treated with specific balsam, while the metallic parts of the product protected by applying transparent nail varnish over the entire surface.

Although they seem to come packaged with a multitude of contra-indications and substantial “yes or no!” indications, testing sex toys on yourself (or on the skin and in the orifices of your playmate) is not so difficult, pretentious or arrogant as some blame it to be. On the contrary, it can become second nature, as long as certain precaution measures are respected and, obviously, the adage that says “repetition is the mother of all learning”.

Good intentions are also of importance, but it is practice that makes incipient clumsiness to be replaced by highly satisfying performances and sex acts worthy to be repeated.

The “technical” details regarding their functioning or how to clean, store and maintain the erotic “gadgets” - which may somehow scare the more convenient ones, refractory to the idea of ​​having to regularly boil, clean or polish their sex toy, are of major importance for health. Major with capital “M”. The benefits, however, significantly outweigh this price. And the few minutes reserved for the “restoration” of the accessory after “debauchery” will seem like a tiny sacrifice compared to the reward of the ecstatic moments that it brings.