Sex in group: rules for beginners

Sex in group: rules for beginners

Though it is actually stunning and indispensable to life, sex in two becomes too little when it does not bring anything new. One of the antidotes to the monotony in the bedroom is group relaxation. What other method drives boredom away faster than spending the free time in the company of naked and uninhibited people, who treat lovemaking as easily as any other fun to beautify their existence?

Since practice requires a certain “training” and mood, beginners often see themselves confronted with nagging questions. From locating the place to choosing partners... everything seems to give serious emotions. You do not need to be impatient if the decision to launch yourself in a numerically extended sex party creates some existential dilemmas and an impatience temperate by fear.

For things to go well and not traumatically of the kind “next time when I want strong sensations, jumping with the parachute, or playing truant from work without telling my boss”, you have to follow a set of not at all difficult “usages”. Ceding control in front of the capricious circumstances is excused in the case of a spontaneous trip, not by changing the status of “I have never done it in three” in “I know what it means to play at two hands”.

Rule no. 1: setting the level of comfort. Any premiere troubles the soul a little. The first libertarian involvement will not make an exception to the rule. To reduce the discomfort as much as possible, commence with small and safe steps. Choose a reasonable number of “team-mates”, preferably compatible as a level of experience. You will not remain with the sequelae neither starting with “specialists”, but this option presents an increased risk of acquiring some frustrations and a serious doubt about your own ability to manage the mechanisms, the rhythm and the adrenaline of an “eccentric” encounter. The naturalness of interaction and the veterans’ “mastery” intimidate novices. Eventually, K1 fighters get black eyes, too, on categories.

Rule no. 2: understanding one’s own desires. Some people have no idea what they want, they do not know their limits, fantasies, or the degree of tolerance, and they venture into practices because of which they get terrible nightmares and irritations. Others are on the premise that lust comes with eating and consent/agree to get involved in any kind of story without a minimum of information about the planned “plot”. Then they undergo therapy to redress themselves.

Initiation in group sex activities must be protected by those surprise elements accompanied by an embarrassing aura. In an orgy, great things happen, but not exactly suited to any individual bored of soulmates and monogamy. The image of a woman hunted by many men, linked to the bed, exhausted and vulnerable, gives good results to carefully directed XXX films. In reality, if the female character is one’s own wife...

Starting from the question “what are the most burning unfulfilled desires?”, try to make the difference between what you would really want and what the false curiosities induced by clichés specific to pornography are. Also avoid getting into the imitation trap. If friends, colleagues, neighbors and other characters whom you know their intimate history out of who knows what obscure reasons, they “get on to” the BDSM, do not follow their example just because they are many, happy, and they have no noticeable bruises. It matters what arouses your interest, regardless of the degree of popularity of the respective fiction.

Rule no. 3: discussions. Since collective lovemaking is not something spontaneous, can the instinctual unraveling of certain individuals who suddenly tear their clothes off and rush over each other like vicious thirsty vampires be possible? Yes, but only on TV or in the erotic dreams of the lust-driven ones.

In the other situations (more precisely the non-fictitious ones, carried out in the wakefulness), things look different, for before such a break-up, those involved consult each other in a small sitting (meetng) (as would be said). That if they know something about joint mating. Otherwise, they throw themselves heads on and (very likely) fail lamentably.

Although it does not sound exciting at all, an open discussion previously conducted to clarify vague aspects will prove to be a salvation.
What needs do everyone have? Are they following something similar or waiting for gestures of “affection” totally alien to your intentions? Are they willing to offer support to novices, especially when they suggest new issues different from their preferences? Do they seem interested or willing to collaborate harmoniously or do they behave dictatorial, driven by fixed ideas?

No matter how many lips, hands, holes and erect penises would properly fulfill their duty, in the absence of psychic comfort, true satisfaction remains a simple myth. Unless otherwise proven, the partners (with their wavelength) ensure or endanger this comfort.

Rule no. 4: choosing a leader. Even though you do not plot a revolution or the boycott of the launch of a fish-flavored condom, you can not neglect rule no. 4 without bearing the inherent consequences: anarchy and chaos. In the given context, the chaos comes as a result of poor decisions about the size of the group, the practices being approached, and their actual realization, plus other spontaneous features instantly occurred on the hot ground of debauchery.

In a “bunch” of debutants, an experienced wise man does wonders because he knows certain tricks of the game. From the place where the action takes place, to using the whip or postponing it for a future date, the “boss” can offer precious suggestions inclusively about the “technical” part of the meeting (details of the roles, proper movements and positions, how to get the attention fairly distributed so that no one would feel as being the fifth wheel of the cart, or how not to set fire to the house, etc)

It is the responsibility of the leader to guide the “innocents” on the right path, without imposing a certain opinion on them, without inhibiting their natural talent. It has a key role in all this complicated equation. So you need to get one, especially if the beginners (novice) predominate in your gang.

* * *

Depending on the needs of the participants, the rules of good behavior in the intimacy of a group are more numerous or diminish over time. The good part is that, regardless of their number, experience makes them happen by themselves, not as a necessary chore for reaching orgasms. The beginning is hard. The continuation will be more appetizing than an unhealthy cake.