Let’s learn to dance... sex!

Let’s learn to dance... sex!

Making love equates to dancing to a secret song notes, heard only by those who feel the uplifting balance of divine pleasure. Each of us may or may not be a good “dancer”. Sometimes we have ambitions as an artist, sometimes on the contrary, we may not be quite as talented. But ultimately, the show we create is one that matters the most.

We live with the impression that in one way or another (we have no idea how), people should know by default how to make sex, without the need to talk to each other one at least a bit... in the begining, in an attempt to improve the quality of those experiences. Certainly, if someone repeatedly will step you on the foot and do not want to do anything to correct his/her own clumsiness, it will not be long until you leave the dance floor or you try to find a new partner.

To be vibrant, natural and rewarding, the rhythmic movement is necessary to train both cooperation, communication, consideration and the respect of those involved. At least one of the partners is preferably to be in agreement with the other one, because otherwise, it just cannot be done.

In general, no dancing succeeds from the first moment, without some time spent to the practice of it. There may be exceptions. But most often, it dose not matter how well your “steps” are synchronised as cadence or elegance... but how nice you feel together and how giddy is the feeling that there is no one else in the world, besides you and the person you hold tight to each other!

All these are valid when making love.

Unfortunately though it still happens quite often for people to believe that a satisfying sex life is born by default, without a minimum period of harmonization between partners.

Especially men, when they hear about the desire for open discussion on this topic, they go on the defensive, saying that trying to establish some rules or common actions, equivalates with a criticism of them.

Communication between “dancers” is essential in the making of a sensual experience. Verbal or non-verbal, the two must come to understand one each other, to study and to accept themselves until they manage to anticipate their movements, desires, needs, or small eccentricities.

With enough practice, erotic balance may become a natural one, liberal, done without any gloominess and with as much grace. It is normal and preferrablefor it to be a moment of detachment, fun, exciting and full of affection. When something is “rhythmless”, when understanding, tolerance or attitude problems... on the background of obsolete beliefs, dogmatic or moral priciples or pointless shyness, the dance becomes a primitive ritual and lacking imagination. Or this cannot bring “the fascination of the dance”.

Hoping you understood the metaphor, we can only say: “Let the music play and... dance!“