About jealousy

About jealousy

Jealousy is a normal (common) human emotion and many feel it from time to time (in smaller or larger amounts) for all sort of reasons. A little jealousy does not hurt anyone, though.

The problem begins if jealousy completely dominates the person who accepts his perfidious insinuation. Thus, over time, the situation can escalate into extreme jealousy which, in truth, is a terrible feeling. Those who fall into the trap of jealousy begin to feel disappointed, frustrated, and permanently irritated, and if these urges in question do not stop there, they will indeed ruin the lives of those affected by jealousy.

Evolutionary psychology suggests that males are more jealous than women with respect to sexual infidelity, while women - representatives of femininity - manifest themselves particularly serious in relation to the emotional factor. The rationale for this difference lies in the fact that men have ancestral fears about belonging to the genetic material transmitted to their offspring and, on the other hand, women seek to secure the father's support for the home and the well-being of the children who they will be born later.

And yet, why is there jealousy? First of all, jealousy will set in and prevail predominantly among unsafe women. They are always in search for attention and recognition, as a sign of a success that they, (themselves) are convinced that are not capable of.

We all know or have known such women some time in our lives. They feel the need to check everything, every single moment, trying to find out their partner's each and every move, asking endless questions and making the life of anyone in their emotional area a real nightmare. They are eternally distressed because of their own dissatisfactions or the very idea of ​​getting old, things that, in their opinion, could undermine their supremacy within the couple. Although they perceive the destructive character of their way of acting, they do not give up and continue to do the same, almost in a sickly way, until the man gets accustomed and answers all their questions or... until he goes away!

Of course, it seems that there are women especially born to bring unlimited stress into everyday life. They are complicated people and difficult to satisfy, although their seemingly simple reasoning seems as normal as possible: they just want to be loved! Unfortunately, this vicious syndrome is very common, including in the case of strong women.

What can you do? If the woman’s nature is predominantly untrustworthy and neurotic (aspect scarred over time through repeated exercises), there are not many solutions. In principle, putting an end to the relationship is the healthiest option. After all, one cannot force someone to be different, nor can one make them get rid of their obsessions.

However, there is also a totally other kind of unrest whereby the possibilities of sorting out the matter are somewhat more encouraging. Women like to share their feelings and ceaselessly tell everyone what they feel, what they want, what affects them (for good or for worse). As men do not so easily reveal their inner self, the situation becomes delicate. Since being communicative, they will claim an expected response, yet should this not happen... the suspicion is as if installed. In other words, if you keep quiet, you have something to hide! And it is as logical a reasoning as possible, since they do not envisage any other type of behavior apart from their own. Haven’t we already made it clear that they are unique? We haven’t? There we go then! They really are!

As lovers or husbands, men should not let such suspicions arise. Although they are not affectionate or romantic, a simple gesture or a “sensitive” word can solve everything.

And do not forget! The best way to keep your partner aloof from jealousy is to answer her questions in time. It is much better to clarify 3-4 current issues than to wait for everything to turn into a huge wave of suspicions, having correlations and connections that you do not even imagine.

Of course, that means she managed to do it exactly the way she wanted it. But do not be sad, no! You can console yourself with the fact that they are all the same and that men do not have and will never have more happiness... some more than others.