Voyeurism & Exhibitionism

Voyeurism & Exhibitionism

In a smaller or larger extent, voyeurism (meaning the pleasure to look at the nakedness of others or various acts of intimate nature) and exhibitionism (the urge to expose in a public context one's naked body to others), are to be found in every human being, but in slightly different “quantities”, undoubtedly tipping the balance toward those endowed with testicles and testosterone (at least, that's what studies indicate, almost unanimously, that the “tough” camp is much more sensitive to nudity than women).  Otherwise, the porn industry would probably have found its end long before.

From a certain point of view, it can be said that society itself encourages manifestations of this kind (in a hypocritical way, though). Because there is a tolerated nudity (both on beaches, as well as in the media), festivals with slight outfits, often nearly invisible (see the Rio Carnival),  pajamas parties (open excuse for temptations somewhat more free), products, services or even art, promoted by direct association with naked bodies, even "aphrodisiacs" although beyond a certain relatively sensitive border, drawn by the desire of accreditation in the eyes of "others" of a embellished figure, people immediately get disturbed and vehemently blame everything that, as a matter of fact and paradoxically, they avidly imagine or can't wait to do when they are sure that no one can notice them. But this is, of course, part of our dual human nature, and sometimes, disappointingly hypocrite.

What is still not (legally) accepted, is sex in public. And that is why, the direct expressions of exhibitionism and voyeurism, are condemned at a nearly global level, and an individual who, to get personal satisfaction, nonchalantly flutters his "equipment" in public or gets caught spying on women in the fitting room of some store, will not be welcomed with open arms nor applauded as a hero. Because despite the multiple ways the sexuality is ("officially") used at present, including in the public space (usually with commercial basis), public nudity practiced for pure pleasure, is still a taboo.

True followers of this approach may find, however, the appropriate and middle path, to exempt them, on one hand, from the critiques of the many or even from committing acts incriminated by law, and, on the other hand, to offer them an opportunity to materialize "their whims" they care so much www.damedelux.com undrawn curtains during hot episodes, participation to special events organized for this purpose (indoor environments), profile beaches (relatively strictly delimited), group orgies and other such things, being only a few possibilities worthy to be taken into consideration, for these fetishists - enemies of clothing, closed doors and sensuality practiced "at home".