The possible consequences of a ménage à trois

The possible consequences of a ménage à trois

Being more desirable than a big win at the lottery, sex in three excite men everywhere, falling into the category of life experiences to live “at least once in a lifetime”.

Because they are extremely attached to their partners, some men do not want to go to a higher level without them. Which is why, they bombard them daily with persistent requests and sophisticated lectures about what it means to think out of the box (by the box being understood, in this case, the classical formula for a couple).

Either they convince them by eloquence, clothes or jewelry (you never know what is needed to get to a woman’s heart), either the proposal comes, surprisingly, right from “the life partners”, those really lucky get to see their dream come true. And, since it is not recommendable to choose a common mistress among the acquaintances by questioning the availability of co-workers or knocking on the doors of neighbors (nor the variant of hanging up in bars is beneficial), such people decide to take advantage of the oldest profession in the world.

Everything will be fine and beautiful only if, before heading off to the adventurous realm of escapade, with money in their pockets and “girlfriend” by the hand, the individuals in question will analyze the implications of the decision made. Euphoria leads to negligence in understanding the possible negative consequences:


1.-Anxiety. There is a lot of difference between theory and practice. At the level of fantasy, love with two goddesses embodies the ancient perfection. Meaning ecstasy and joy. Faced with the imminent reality, however, the male protagonists of the scenario can experience spontaneous blockages. 

What does this mean?

The fact that your girlfriend, paradoxically, can adapt quickly, wondering tacitly and pleasantly surprised, how come she did not play with the girls so far, who all of a sudden, appear to her extremely attractive when naked. As for you, as the experience of many other men in similar situations shows, you can experience some uncertainty! With a woman, you are a ferocious stud, making her scream like there's an earthquake, but with two... will you perform as efficiently? Will you regret your boldness? Will it be something beyond your personal powers? In movies, penis owners always produce miracles with the organ in question (usually oversized and capable). But the movies usually show the full half of the glass, this is known even by teenagers whose love life is limited only to imagination.

The only way to get honorable results is to deal in advance with your fears and discuss openly with your partner (or why not... with both of them), about this disturbing pessimism. Silence does not dispel the fears.


2.-Jealousy. The perverse little monster, infiltrated in the majority of relationships, will make its presence felt also when it comes to expanding erotic borders (especially in this situation), because your girlfriend, no matter how pleased she would be by the perspective, will certainly feel threatened by the femininity, exquisite hips and exuberant sexuality of the other one. 

This is mainly found among the jealous extremist women who, after having satisfied the wishes you had (for a demonstrative purpose), will go on to accuse you that, even though they are behaving in an exemplary (and modern) way in the couple relationship, you fail to value them as they deserve.

Another possible consequence of “the love triangle” may materialize in even more direct reproaches: “You owe me a lot. Look what I did for you and you can not even talk to my mother” or “I saw how helplessly you were drooling in front of her and how you were sniffing every one of her holes, while I was laying neglected into an enormous shadow”.

Chronically jealous or not, the fact that she will lend you for the moment to another creature with smooth skin and no stretch marks (as if lending a dress that she still wants to know that it looks best on her), will make the “official” one to fear (terribly). 

What if at the end of the paid play, you will analyze everything, you will draw a line and you will find her insufficient, incapable and negligent? What if you compare her skills with the one of the expert, declaring her guilty of major deficiencies? What if...?

In order to avoid unnecessary dramas, try to provide the “sensitive” lady the ensuring that the intimate trio is aimed exclusively at “playing”, relaxation and diversity... nothing more.


3.-Surprises. Surprises consists in a substantial change of perspective. Either from you or your “teammate”. 

In certain situations, the idea that the “other” ones’ performance will not influence at all your opinion about “what you have had until that moment” loses its validity. Because it is the first time you see her evolving in parallel with another woman (a professional, self-confident and, without a doubt, beautiful one). 

Compared to her, “the love of your life” seems like a poor beginner who clumsily tries to imitate behaviors, onomatopoeia and movements that do not suit her. And this “live” will make you think seriously. “Isn't it the time for you to reevaluate your options? Isn’t it the time to turn your attention to another creature who is not limited to a single erotic routine, dating back to the Victorian era?”

In addition, beyond her unsatisfactory performance, you notice that she has also developed a slight form of cellulite. How come you have not noticed it until now? 

Your “pair” may also have similar revelations. The really shocking ones may give her the idea of reorientation. It is not out of the question that such an experience pleases her so much that she suddenly decides that some other options would be perfectly valid.

* * *

When it comes to such happenings, don't blame the escorts! Tendencies were already there, dormant, just waiting for the proper land to emerge. So, you only have two options: either you try it or simply take this fantasy out of your mind. But without ever crossing the “border”, you will never know how the “attempt” would have been...

The decision is yours!