Mask Fetish

Mask Fetish

The pleasure of wearing a mask during the bedroom games is not an invention of contemporaneity. This habit was frequently encountered and highly praised (in many other other rituals), since ancient times.

Concealing the identity, the disguise, the mystery and all those enigmatic chimaeras triggered once the face is covered, nourish the power of disinhibitions and have the gift of bringing in the "atmosphere" an intriguing suspense, which the world needs sometimes, even if the reason to do this, comes down to a simple desire to alternate the "traditional" with the inciting novelty.

Unlike the people who use them occasionally, as an exotic spice (when they love each other), those who have more than a fleeting curiosity about the symbols of anonymity, need them every time they want to reach the coveted orgasm.

Either they use frivolous masks (only for the eyes, such as Venetian masks), either sophisticated phantasmagorical models (for the entire face, casting known or unreal characters), either they limit to those intended for completely different purposes (gas masks, ski, diving), adapting them to the decor, to the atmosphere and to the aimed "scene", these people feel the need to hide in order to be able to be themselves, to behave freely, and such a "camouflage", can create paradoxically, the premises of authenticity. Hence the dependence of some, concerning the feeling of safety induced by hiding the most representative part of their own body: the face.

In the same direction, of the comfort offered by the idea of incognito, are typologically defined also those who prefer not to be seen when they express in various ways, of which probably, in other circumstances, they would be easily embarrassed...

Not a few are those who in their turn, feel a lot better when they can't see the partner's reactions, mentally assigning them totally different physiognomies or mimic expressions, in relation to the time they are living.

Consequently, although, at first glance, it may pass as an object which disturbs and blocks the communication, the mask is actually a good catalyst for those learning to identify it as such.