6 tips to look better naked

6 tips to look better naked

Naked or dressed, every woman wants to look perfect and, with a little luck, to get at least one heart attack to those who watch her.

When the textiles are missing, the mission triumphs. It’s no secret that gentlemen get excited around such a presence wearing the costume that Mother Nature created, just as kids do around candies.

But what happens with insecure women who, when staring in the mirror, only see flaws and the results of lunches or dinners they’ve been eating with uncontrolled appetite?

Many of them will:
1.-have sex partially clothed;
2.-have sex with the lights off;
3.-have sex by themselves;
4.-not have sex.

The problem is not as dramatic as the defendants seem to consider. Did anyone ever heard of any strange case of blinding, fainting or male allergy due to some imperfect nudity? Ever heard of any men traumatized by their girlfriends’ tiny breasts or tiny traces of cellulite? Probably not.

However, women get overly concerned with how they look naked, as if the Universe itself depended on the “perfectness” of their bodies. And they hide in the dark or in underwear with a wide area of coverage. They do this even when they go to see escorts for an internal cool-down (surprise, even the customers of sexual services sometimes are shy).

Fortunately for the aforementioned category, there is still hope. I.e. lots of simple tricks that make the nakedness look better.

In case you want some support for succeeding in this direction, read the following tips step by step:


1.-Show self-confidence. “Trust your own charm and you’ll succeed!” it’s a quite common slogan in our lives. It looks like an outdated motivational text, a cliché not worth the paper it is written on (or recycled, as the ecologists might say).

And still, what if it works?

If we’d take a look at most of the psychology textbooks, we’ll see that this confidence thing it’s a serious matter: self-esteem affects the way people are evaluated from the outside - even visually.

In other words, a modest looking woman depressed for not looking as an international model is more likely to be considered unattractive than an equally modest looking woman who is at peace with herself.

Does this mean that from now on you should look every day in the mirror and fool yourself that a fluffy abdomen is the new beauty trend? That a snub nose will be the new sensation and the stretch marks next year accessories?

No! It means that it’s time for you to take seriously your qualities too, not only your flaws, improving what can be improved and peacefully accepting all the rest.


2.-The light. The light (also known as the worst enemy in the bedroom), is often missing. Completely.

“Why should the six pack, soft skin, sturdy penis and dimples, see the woman’s endless flaws? He can do great in the dark too, he’s a good clever boy”(!), the fans of sex in the dark usually think.

Despite the man’s undeniable capacity to excel in dark conditions, the measure seems however drastic. To depict yourself as a diva, there’s no need to cut off the whole “electricity”, but to adjust it according to your wishes and possibilities.

Do you have any scented candles, small lamps or other low light sources and a little ingenuity? Excellent then! You can organize those objects (or anything else you have, without burning the house down) into an exciting playful arrangement of great impact. The result will give a charismatic tone to the atmosphere and, in addition, will gracefully outline your very renegade silhouette.

If the action is taking place under the man’s roof, investigate all the available options. You can find solutions at anytime!


3.-The makeup. Does the makeup matter in the intimate context of naked bodies? Experience shows that it does! Quality matters. Quantity... less or slightly.

A clean makeup, with quality products, gets more points than a heavy makeup that will end up all over the place by the time of the first intense made out. Which by the way is an unfortunate perspective. As even in low light conditions, a transfigured clown face comes up giving the viewer a negative impression (the semidarkness might make it even more bizarre).

For the psychological and ophthalmological sake of those involved, choose a discreet “coloration” of your face. Apply some minor corrections to the body too, avoiding excessive use of foundation (which can be replaced by a concealer close to your skin color).


4.-Accessories. Some of the ladies refuse to get completely “unveiled” around the naked man, so that they keep their shirt on, the bra, the socks or any other detail that might be able to reduce the vulnerability they feel when finding themselves “without”.

A better alternative to the “self-defense mechanism” through clothing has to do with the CHARM of the worn articles. Obviously, sexy lingerie or the bead delicately lying on the breasts wins over the plush socks or the cotton undershirt inside clothes.

You won’t be able to look good by bringing a housewife with poor peripheral circulation. You must cultivate sensuality, regardless of the type of accessories that accompany your nudity (underwear, jewelry, etc.).


5.-Positions. The position in which the hot action takes place represents a real challenge. Many of them are hot, others are dedicated to subtly disguising your “flaws”. In one of them the breasts look beautiful but the “stomach” fails, in another the “obliques” disappear, but transpires the cellulite. None of them is 100% beneficial.

However, some positions prove to be visually more powerful than others. Think of the best way to complement the way you look. Do you have buttocks praised by the exes? Don’t dip them in the soft mattress as if it was an element that deserved to be ignored. Do you have large breasts, firm thighs, flat stomach? Choose the ideal position that will help your forms become an ally, not an enemy.


6.-The smile. Could underweight or overweight fade into the background thanks to the smile? A butt that is too big or too small? An overwhelmed waist?

The answer is definitely... no! Don’t try to fool yourself. No matter how sweet and exciting (at the same time) your smile is, it won’t erase your physical flaws. But it will diminish their “authority”. It will confer you an aura of confidence, enthusiasm, availability and lack of modesty. Which excite greatly and “loosen” the critical spirit.

An unhappy face, neutral, placid, irritated, bored, annoyed, nostalgic, suffering, lost or disappointed, disadvantages the overall image much more than a chubby calf or any protruding ribs like a malnourished infant would.

Smile casually and keep a permanent eye contact (except for incompatible positions). And your nakedness will be seen favorably.

* * *

With a dash of imagination, all the bodies can look better naked. There’s no need to graduate any specialized university to do so. You just have to try and... keep practicing!