4 sexual positions detested by male gigolos

4 sexual positions detested by male gigolos

No matter how hard it is to believe, there are certain sex-related aspects that men, those beings unjustly suspected of being able to make love even in a tree (if the “urgency” requires it), accept with great difficulty and with the hope that in the future, the stars will be somewhat more empathetic (especially in terms of positions they are sometimes required to perform).

The (attributed) obsession of the men for the carnal activity does not nullify the selective prediction for certain “techniques” or “teammates” (the venue where the “action” takes place being really insignificant and not even the rose petals, often claimed by women to be essential decorative elements in erotic-romantic stimulation, do not produce the proper impression... but sometimes, quite the contrary).

Naturally, for compensations in accordance, the Don Juans with merit diploma in this domain, also accept compromises. As a general rule, ALL ADAM’S DESCENDANTS relentlessly avoid unpleasant interactions to their heart and penis’ content. For example, they hate the physical non-involvement of their pair, her role as “piece of furniture” or the extra-effort implicitly spent to overcome the placid “identity”.

Therefore, in the interest of those who want maximum satisfaction from their paid lovers, it is good to remember and avoid the following situations:

1.-The starfish. Of all the ways available to live the “miracle of love” (the one with completion, of course), an extremely uninspired and frustrating one materializes in the lazy posture called: “starfish”. A kind of practical example of the idea that the responsibility of being active in intimacy is exclusively of the man while his “sensitive pair” also deserves a little rest during the brief episode, besides the detachment of the daily problems and the long awaited orgasm.

The testosterone population has a deep aversion to this approach which implies that the lady should lie down on her stomach, with the arms and legs wide spread, like a real life-exhausted diva, while the “exploration” of the pleasure abyss has to be initiated and coordinated strictly by the tireless “speleologist”.

It is true that where the payment takes place, the freedoms and obligations of the protagonists are regulated differently from the intimate act committed under the auspices of unpaid consent, the “fortunate” ladies having in this situation a privileged status and directly proportional expectations.

However, even in commercial affairs, there may appear inconveniences caused by behaviors that are pushed to the limits, such as the acute apathy of the “spoiled” female, a state that, beyond being totally contrary to the preferences of “masculinity”, also deprives the culprit of a unique experience.

After all (and by reducing it to absurdity), the desirable good feeling can also be achieved on one’s own, with the aid of the personal vibrator, in similar conditions of comfort and without any additional payment (other than the purchase of the “toy” itself). In other words, since the money disappears anyway from the purse and the “bidding” character is right in front of the female beneficiary, wouldn’t be advisable for her to exploit the “acquisition” avidly, actively and dynamically, overcoming the usual state of expectation?

(Pay attention, ladies, because you do not know what you're missing!)

2.-To the wall. In relation to this telegenic posture (him standing, supporting her thighs and buttocks, possibly with the aid of a retaining wall, her “suspended” and facing him, wrapping her legs around his waist and the arms around his neck, like she had perched on the opposite body for fear of some mouse), gentlemen experience ambivalent feelings, because this formula ensures them, on one hand, the indispensable control of their personal ego, but on the other hand, it drains them of energy, strength and “inspiration”, even when it comes to professionals.

Overall, in many situations like this, preventing exhaustion (not admitted, obviously) prevails, thus, specialists in the art of paid love avoid following the example of the XXX film actors, preferring to perform unsophisticated erotic exercises, despite the vociferations of their partners willing for “more and better”.

The complicated “acrobatics”, however, are often assumed due to sufficiently motivating payments. The ladies can therefore be relieved under the cover of the many advantages of intimacy for money (correlated, of course, with a “choreography” staged “explosively” and the particularities of fantasies planned in detail long before).

3.-Deep impact. Every woman who desires sexual services for a fee, estimates on her own the best time to set up an exotic encounter with the “lover” of her dreams.

But, according to the reasoning previously presented (it is a shame to call for the presence of a gigolo in conditions of physical fatigue, discomfort, bad mood or an acute existential indolence), such an initiative must be adjusted according to one’s inner state (if the opposite does not work).

Otherwise, it will lead to a blasé attitude of the woman, who will seek, despite any risk, a superficial participation in the success of the financially commensurate “debauchery”, to the desperation of her circumstantial companion, who is about to understand perfectly what it means to sweat for every cent, standing on his toes in a fragile equilibrium or kneeling, when demanded.

One of the unpleasant positions from this point of view refers to the performance executed on his knees (him positioned on the side of the bed, her laying down with her back on the bed and the legs on his shoulders).

Unchanged from the beginning to the end of the love episode, the position in question, though “fulfilling”, is uncomfortable and tiring, deeply testing the professionalism, but also the natural capabilities of the conformed stallion.

In the end, it is important that the female client's passivity to not compromise the quality of the performance offered in this classical framework of idealized expectations and strictly projected towards the “supplier”.

4.-Her on top. Contrary to the idea that any male interested in his sexual development will find himself from time to time below, not only on top, tolerating the “weak” gender’s supremacy (or taking revenge for the risks of physical exhaustion related to the activities in the bedroom), some of the representatives of “firm” masculinity ​​are slightly scared of the situation in question. Just as they are scared by women behind the wheel.

Those men have a latent fear that the partner could abuse “power”, exaggerating with the movements executed (the eternal mistrust in the specific coordination skills of the Eves from past and present), thus affecting the penetration process or even the integrity of their “manhood” (the most priced of their goods). Therefore, a grade zero alert.

Fortunately for the current or budding female amateurs of paid love, the reticence of “performers” in this area reaches the minimum threshold, because their experience, self-confidence and deep knowledge tributary to femininity, drive away unjustified anxieties, sometimes purely misogynistic. While the reward permanently strengthens their courage and... not only!

* * *

Like any other individuals of “hard” essence, also the specimens likely to be “lured” with “papers” have their limitations, inconveniences or preferences either at “procedural” or at human level. With a few exceptions when they set clear boundaries, in most cases, their goal is to satisfy as many and varied demands as possible, to the delight of the ladies who hire them strictly to their “overwhelming” personal benefit.